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  1. Taglibs versus Javaclass: or how to combine both in the best way

    I am currently writing a template for OpenCms, a Java based CMS with a very good taglib-support and a powerfull API. Anyway, when I look at tutorials or the source, its about 50-50 that taglibs or Javaclasses ...Learn More
  2. Seam and Dojo vs RichFace or IceFace

    I am just scratching my head on using DoJo in Seam in place of RichFaces or IceFace. I couldn't find any article or tutorial out there in the web. The reason for my question is that Iam coming out of a DoJo/Do...Learn More
  3. Are Enterprise Java Beans still useful when compared to Spring?

    I have an upcoming project in a class that will allow me to work with either EJBs or Spring, and I was wondering what would be more applicable for "real world" situations. ...Learn More
  4. Threading in Java EE webapps

    I am curious about how the following concepts typically execute inside a Java EE container, is one instance created per request, or does one instance serve all requests? Servlets Tags I want to know this be...Learn More
  5. How to read JSP a file from WEB-INF into a variable for later "printing"

    I would like to know how is possible to read a file placed in WEB-INF direct into a variable. My intent is to load (and process a page) into a var, than save it to a file and besides that, use the same html res...Learn More
  6. Hibernate not reflecting changes

    I have a struts application that uses Hibernate to access a MYSQL DB. I have a number of pages that make changes to the DB. These changes go through fine, data is update in the DB. However when browsing to the ...Learn More
  7. Best practices of implementation of front controller using java servlets

    Suppose we have some project with next structure: web articles main.jsp sidearts.jsp central.jsp forum main.jsp css js WEB-INF web.xml Note that we don't have front controller a...Learn More
  8. ColdFusion web.xml?

    Is there a ColdFusion analog for the deployment descriptor/web.xml file found in a J2EE web container? I know CF is running on top of JRun and that I could just tweak the JRun dd, but what about an application-...Learn More
  9. Is anyone using SpringSource tc server as a Tomcat replacement?

    It looks like SpringSource has just released a GA version of their tc Server application server. It sounds from their description like it is a drop-in replacement for Apache Tomcat, with better "enterprise cap...Learn More
  10. How can I port a legacy Java/J2EE website to a modern scripting language (PHP,Python/Django, etc)?

    I want to move a legacy Java web application (J2EE) to a scripting language - any scripting language - in order to improve programming efficiency. What is the easiest way to do this? Are there any automated to...Learn More
  11. Pros and Cons of Various Java Web Presentation Layer Technologies

    I'm currently working on a web app that makes heavy use of JSF and IceFaces. We've had some discussions of moving to another presentation layer, and I thought I'd take the discussion out into SO and see what th...Learn More
  12. Make Java EE InitialContext find a qualified hostname? (against JBoss EJB server)

    How do I use a fully qualified host name for the "java.naming.provider.url" property in the "env" parameter passed into (Java EE) InitialContext class. Whether I pass in an IP address, or a fully qualified (ho...Learn More