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  1. How to Install Joomla 3 on Web Hosting – A Complete Guide

    **How to Install Joomla 3 on Web Hosting – A Complete Guide** Joomla is among the most popular free Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. It helps in creating and managing dynamic websites with its int...Learn More
  2. How come certain values are not being displayed using PHP foreach loop?

    I am working on a website using a PHP script to display information formatted a certain way from a MySQL database. I want the date values from the database (which are formatted as YYYY-MM-DD) to be displayed a...Learn More
  3. Custom template in joomla. Install Joomla to an existing site

    I need some help with integrating Joomla to an existing site. The existing site is made of several .php files which shows static text. I have copied all css and js files to a new template in Joomla and the des...Learn More
  4. Placing jquery plugin in joomla module

    I'm trying to create a module in joomla, which uses one jquery plugin. I've to do an ajax operation while clicking on an element in the module. Currently I'm specifying the whole path to the php file. But I kno...Learn More
  5. Joomla poll not working with IE

    On my Joomla website the Joomla poll extension (down, right) or any other Joomla poll only works in Firefox, Safari and all the other browser but not in IE8 or lower versions. I need a poll on my site and 95% o...Learn More
  6. What enterprise-class open source CMS has the steepest (easiest) learning curve for a programmers team?

    As a company specialized in developing custom CMS, we have been asked to deploy a open source CMS in our next project. We are free to choose a system. What would you recommend for a team familiar with MVC mode...Learn More
  7. What does reorder() function do in Joomla?

    What does reorder() function do in Joomla? I have a statement for a function of menu copy in administrator code for menu as: $curr->reorder( 'menutype = '.$this->_db->Quote($curr->me...Learn More
  8. Unable to put Python code to Joomla

    I have a Python code from Google app engine. I need to implement it to Joomla. How can you implement Python code to Joomla? [edit after the 1st answer] It is enough for me that I can put the code to a module...Learn More
  9. Difference between components, modules, extensions and plugins in Joomla

    What is the difference between Joomla components, modules, extensions and plugins? ...Learn More
  10. Virtuemart/Joomla Categories with over 1000 items very flaky

    works 90% with firefox 2% with IE or Chrome. Get error that it can save the query result - any ideas? Running on a godaddy hosted site so limited control of mysql ...Learn More
  11. How should I go about writing a Joomla! template?

    I am using Joomla! CMS to develop a website. In the not-so-distant past I customized a template to schlep up a website. It was fun and interesting to tear apart the code to de-joomla!-fy the template. So intere...Learn More
  12. Joomla Events Override

    Is it possible for plugins to block System Events in Joomla? I'm currently using a url rewriting plugin and the onAfterRoute event does not seem to be called (which I need for another plugin) Thanks ...Learn More