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  1. Police Arrest Suspect in Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes

    Last week a string of vicious hate crimes descended on Oklahoma City and nearby Norman, home to the University of Oklahoma. Anti-Semitic and racist graffiti appeared on public buildings and statues, including ...Learn More
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  2. Identity in the Window: Visibility and Safety

    O ur Sages taught: The Hanukkah lamp — it is a commandment to place it at the door of one’s house, on the outside. And if one lives in an attic, place it in a window adjoining the public area. (Babylonian Talmu...Learn More
  3. To Everything, There Is a Season, or, Why You Don’t *Have* to Look for a Job Right Now

    “Now is a time to refrain from embracing,” the young musician affirmed. There followed a gorgeous, acoustic-guitar-accompanied, pure-voiced rendition of The Byrds’ classic song Turn, Turn, Turn. Fitting, for ou...Learn More
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  4. The Bialystoker Synagogue

    The Jewish experience of Diaspora necessitated the creation of homes beyond the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael), locales often linked in multiplicity via communal migrations like those of the Bialystokers. The d...Learn More
  5. Ladino Music and Cultural Identity

    Yasmin Levy — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQI0icY8XJs Introduction “Adío…” The haunting word grows from silence, shivering with vibrato as it recedes. “Adío, kerida” returns with greater conviction, its v...Learn More
  6. Hidden Hate:

    Hidden Hate: (Jaelynn Harris/ Siren Magazine) By Victoria Ginzburg “What’s your number?” He said jokingly. I was slightly confused, as this question is not unheard-of at a typical college party, but I had ne...Learn More
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  7. Language, Humanity, and Religion

    Portrait of Charles F. Hockett. Cornell University. In 1959, Charles F. Hockett, an American linguist, published “Animal ‘Languages’ and Human Language,” in which he articulates seven key properties of human l...Learn More