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  1. Audeze LCD-1 planar-magnetic headphone review: The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

    Audeze LCD-1 planar-magnetic headphone review: The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth Mark Jan 15·9 min read Audeze is one of the only headphone makers devoted exclusively to using planar-magnet...Learn More
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  2. Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) review: Good sound, plus a Zigbee smart-home hub for the win

    reviewBody"> Amazon released the first Echo Plus smart speaker/smart-home hub in 2017, and this second generation arrived a year later. What makes it “Plus” is simple: A built-in Zigbee radio. That eliminates t...Learn More
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  3. Know Labs Confirms Particle Bulb Kills SARS-CoV-2

    About Texas Biomedical Research Institute Texas Biomed is an independent, nonprofit research institute that has delivered high quality and reliable scientific data, spanning basic discovery through preclinical...Learn More
  4. OpenGL flat shading - Strange lighting behaviour

    I have a slight issue with my OpenGL lighting. It's rendering the model (Utah Teapot) just fine, but I have some weird lighting patterns. The model should be flat shaded with a single ambient light illuminating...Learn More
  5. Roborock S4 Max review: Roborock’s latest robot vacuum is another winner

    Roborock’s S4 Max is an evolution and replacement of its S4 robot vacuum, the company’s first model to not include a wet-mopping function. “MAX” might seem to promise some grand upgrades, but the vacuum offers ...Learn More
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  6. Using Point lights in Unity3D Android

    I am trying to use a point light animation for my game. It runs fine in Editor with Diffuse, Bumped Specular and VertexLit shaders. However it doesn't work on any Mobile shaders provided by default. Is there a...Learn More
  7. Lightning Storms Are Not Created Equal

    I-80 in the ’80s Growing up in Colorado, away from my mother’s family in California, meant annual road trips to grandma’s house along Interstate 80. The season would vary, sometimes we would go in the summer w...Learn More
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  8. Smart cities could make people feel better. Literally.

    How do we design smart cities to ensure the health of its citizens? Cities may make the brain more susceptible to mental-health conditions, notably depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. A study from 2011, pu...Learn More
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  9. Samsung is bringing AirPlay 2 and room calibration to its 2021 soundbar lineup

    Samsung is bringing AirPlay 2 and room calibration to its 2021 soundbar lineup Yvonne Feb 1·3 min read Get ready for a new way to cast audio to Samsung soundbars, with the manufacturer announcing that Apple’s ...Learn More
  10. Night Inspections Using Artificial Lighting

    As part of Measure Australia’s technological leadership, a focus is placed on ground breaking and industry leading technologies that alleviate client pain points and concerns. A key issue Measure Australia’s cl...Learn More
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  11. How to share a code between Aura and Lightning Web component

    Now you can build Lightning components using two programming models: Lightning Web Components, and the original model, Aura Components. Most of the projects consist of Aura Components but more and more develop...Learn More