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  1. How to test file locking in Python

    So I want to write some files that might be locked/blocked for write/delete by other processes and like to test that upfront. As I understand: os.access(path, os.W_OK) only looks for the permissions and will re...Learn More
  2. log of parallel computations, how do I prevent interleaved write? lockfile or flock?

    I see that has been discussed several times how to run scripts not concurrently, but I have not see the topic of concurrent write. I am doing some parallel computation with xargs launching the commands for the ...Learn More
  3. Object intrinsic monitor as java.util.concurrent.Lock

    I believe it could be very useful to be able to use an object's monitor as a Lock. That is : synchronized(object) { ... } would be equivalent to : lock.lock(); try { ... } finally { lock.unlock(); ...Learn More
  4. Part-2: Web Start Application: Concurrency Issue

    With your suggestions given on this thread, I tried using FileLock, however, when I write something in the file, somehow excel file gets corrupted and there is nothing in the file (it gets empty, no contents in...Learn More
  5. SearchDisplayController & Coredata Search locks the application while loading, what can i do?

    I am building an application with coredata. Its nearly finished but i have a problem. I want to put a search section on my application. I did it now and it is working, but there is something weird and i could ...Learn More
  6. Access the same data by more than 1 client on almost the same time

    Good day all, I am work on C# .net 4.0 framework, and database is microsoft SQL server 2008 R2. There is a system to let user do gift redemption. When User click on the "redeem" button, system will : check ...Learn More
  7. Concurrency while reading files from file system

    We have an application that reads files from a particular folder, processes them and copies(some business logic) it to another folder. The problem here is when there are very large number of files to be proces...Learn More
  8. Is a lock on an integer required in this case?

    I have a "unique" type integer. I use it like this: int unique=0; public int GetUniqueId() { return unique++; } I know I'm being a bit paranoid, but is this an atomic operation, or would it require some form...Learn More
  9. Getting account 'locked' status in SQL Server

    I want to unlock one account in SQL Server. Before unlocking I have to check whether that account is locked or not. I want to unlock only if the account is locked. Is there any SQL query or stored procedure...Learn More
  10. Controlling duration of PostgreSQL lock waits

    I have a table called deposits When a deposit is made, the table is locked, so the query looks something like: SELECT * FROM deposits WHERE id=123 FOR UPDATE I assume FOR UPDATE is locking the table so that ...Learn More
  11. Lock a SQL Server 2008 database during use

    I have a document processing application that runs as a service and can be configured to use a local or network database. Is there a way to ensure that the database remain locked as long as the service is runni...Learn More
  12. What is (are) difference between NOLOCK and UNCOMMITTED

    I use SQL Server 2012. I write two queries but what is a different between NOLOCK and UnCommitted ? SELECT lastname, firstname FROM HR.Employees with (READUNCOMMITTED) SELECT lastname, firstname FROM HR.Empl...Learn More