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  1. Using cURL to POST form to two places

    Yesterday I asked a question about how I could go about hijacking my MailChimp contact form to send an additional email (when certain conditions are met). I wrote changed the action="... from the MailChimp URL ...Learn More
  2. How to Create a Mailchimp Email Template

    Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms. It provides many different templates for your email marketing. Mailchimp template builder is easy to use to add your logo, images, product, differ...Learn More
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  3. Consuming JSON in C# from mailchimp campaignEmailStatsAIMAll

    I am trying to program .net c# code to read the results from a call to campaignEmailStatsAIMAll(). Here is a sample of the JSON results I get: { "total":3, "data":{ "some...@company.com":[ ...Learn More
  4. How can I set values for native Mailchimp's merge tags in Mandrill?

    I exported a Mailchimp's template to Mandrill. template has a native Mailchimp merge var like this: *|LIST:COMPANY|* I want to set a value manually to this merge var using the official Mandrill API PHP wrappe...Learn More