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  1. why does meteor 0.6.0 wrap everything into (function(){ ... })

    Since version 0.6.0, meteor wraps each javascript file into (function() { ... }). This makes perfect sense for my own javascript files. But not for third party libraries. E.g. I am using sha3.js from crypto-js....Learn More
  2. Mime type error with Meteor and Recorder.js Web Worker in Production Mode

    I'm using Recorder.js with Meteor for client-side audio recording, and it works wonderfully in development. However, when I run in production, the web worker associated with Recorder throws a syntax error: unex...Learn More
  3. meteor updated, server restarting over and over again

    I just updated to meteor 6.5 with meteor update I also updated the packages with mrt update and now when I start my server with mrt -p 3001 I get: Meteor server restarted (1x) And the 1x keep increasing....Learn More
  4. Meteor: Passing more than one value to a template

    I want to create a template/js combo similar to the ones below. What I would like is to have two variables available to the 'collection' template <template name="collection"> Title: {{title}} <UL&...Learn More
  5. Meteor Github authorization

    I am using the meteor accounts-github module to handle my authentication/account creation in my application. I want to ensure that any new user who attempts to sign into the application is a member of a parti...Learn More
  6. How to execute a Python script from server side Javascript

    There are a number of answers in relation to how one can execute a Python script from the client side. I am interested in finding out if it is possible to execute the script from the server side and check if th...Learn More
  7. meteorjs handlebar customise condition

    How can I create simple conditional handlebar? What I want to do is get from collections that if mood =='+', render the roll in white, else render some other color. This is HTML: {{#if moodIsPlus}} &lt...Learn More
  8. Multiple sortable lists with jquery sortable and Meteor Blaze

    I have two lists that I want to make sortable with jQuery UI. Problem is only one list turns sortable/draggable. jqtest.html: &lt;body&gt; &lt;div id="list1"&gt; &lt;li&gt;one&lt;...Learn More
  9. Meteor - how to link html element to database entry on click event?

    I'm trying to figure out how to link an html picture element back to the database entry that was originally used to generate the picture link. I am using Meteor: - I have a database that contains photosets dat...Learn More
  10. How can I access the context of an option in Meteor?

    Is there any way to get the data context of an option tag generated with {{#each}}? Currently, I use two workarounds depending on the type of data I'm iterating over. Case 1 - Options Cursor &lt;template na...Learn More
  11. Database items sometimes not showing up in Meteor.js

    I have a simple app written in meteor here: https://gist.github.com/drew-gross/6202629 that is having problems. When the Template.tab.ordered_drinks function is called, no Tabs are found (Tabs.find({}).fetch() ...Learn More
  12. Is manipulating the arguments object a good idea?

    I'm writing a meteor helper function, which has the quirk that the last argument to the function is always in the form of {hash: {"name":"objectICareAbout"}}. I'm trying to write a flexible helper which can be ...Learn More