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  1. Guide to Unit Testing Spring Boot REST APIs

    Introduction Testing the system is an important phase in a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Testing promotes code reliability, robustness, and ensures high-quality software delivered to clients if implem...Learn More
  2. How to Test a Spring Boot Application

    How to Test a Spring Boot Application Introduction Please note: The following article will be dedicated to testing Spring Boot applications. It's assumed that you are familiar with at least the basics of Java, ...Learn More
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  3. python mockito argument captor

    I have been using python mockito https://code.google.com/p/mockito-python/ for testing my code. So far python mockito seems to provide only 2 matchers: contains() and any() https://code.google.com/p/mockito-pyt...Learn More
  4. How do I use PowerMock / Mockito / EasyMock to use a mocked object for dependency injection?

    I have an AuthenticationManager.authenticate(username,password) method that gets called in someMethod of a SomeService under test. The AuthenticationManager is injected into SomeService: @Component public class...Learn More
  5. How to Method call anoither Method In Mock Object

    I have object Panel inside is Methods protected Confirmation confim() { Confirmation confirmation = new Confirmation() { @Override public void onConfirm() { doCancel(); ...Learn More
  6. mockito: spy on iBatis queryForObject and modify parameter map

    I am using iBatis 2.2 and wanted to mock this call to queryForObject this.queryForObject("stored_proc_name", paramMap); The paramMap is build inside a method and holds the input parameters and will also hold a...Learn More
  7. Strategies to mock a webservice

    I'm implementing a client consuming a webservice. I want to reduce dependencies and decided to mock the webservice. I use mockito, it has the advantage vs. EasyMock to be able to mock classes, not just interfac...Learn More
  8. Test that a returned string is of a certain length with Mockito

    There's a method with several parameters that returns a String. In many conditions the method throws an exception. When it does return, the contents of the String are dependent on both the parameters and on the...Learn More
  9. Testing a function call inside the function using python unittest framework

    I want to test this class using python unittest framework and also mockito. class ISightRequestEngine(object): def __init__(self, pInputString=None): self.__params = (pInputString) def openHTTP...Learn More
  10. How does mockito when() invocation work?

    Given the following Mockito statement: when(mock.method()).thenReturn(someValue); How does Mockito go about creating a proxying something for a mock, given that the mock.method() statement will pass the return...Learn More
  11. Unit Testing In Flutter With Mockito

    It is possible to make unit tests which call to a live server or a database but, doing so would either consume too much time or give unexpected results Instead of relying on that, the Flutter team has provided...Learn More
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  12. How do i verify string content using Mockito in Java

    I am new to using Mockito test framework. I need to unit test one method which return the the string content. Also the same contents will be stored in one .js file (i.e. "8.js"). How do I verify the the string ...Learn More