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  1. CakePHP - Call model function from another function within in the same model

    I've got a CakePHP model with a few functions in it working well. Now I'm trying to write a new function that uses a few of the functions I've already written. Seems like it should be easy but I can't figure ...Learn More
  2. form_for model update

    I have nested resources organized in the following manner: resources :users do resource :profile, :controller => "profiles" do resource :location end In the view part, I want an unique for...Learn More
  3. Rails Devise titleize user fields not present during registration

    In my users model I call a titleize method before a user is created or saved as follows: before_save :titleize, :to_lower before_create :titleize, :to_lower def titleize self.first_name = self.first_name....Learn More
  4. How to use the actor model in a Java EE servlet environment?

    I am reading about the actor model recently, and I found it's a good programming model for concurrent issues. There are many program languages or tools that use this, like Scala, Jetlang, Klimi, etc. But how c...Learn More
  5. Scaling a rich domain model

    Domain Driven Design encourages you to use a rich domain model. This means all the domain logic is located in the domain model, and that the domain model is supreme. Persistence becomes an external concern, as ...Learn More
  6. Can I delete objects from a relationship in CoreData through a mapping model?

    I have changed a relationship on an entity to be a different managed object type in a new version of the data model. Rather than convert the old managed object types into the new managed object types is there a...Learn More
  7. EXTBASE: Exception while property mapping at property path

    When calling getter on AbstractValueObject object this error is shown: Exception while property mapping at property path "":Creation of objects not allowed. To enable this, you need to set the PropertyM...Learn More
  8. Django cant read variables

    I have a problem with django In my views.py i have this def home(request): template = "index.html" test = "hello" Settings = settings.objects.all() return render_to_response(template ,{"Settings...Learn More
  9. How/where should I define custom model logic in C++/Qt?

    I am mostly a Python/Django developer, so I might be a little off in the terminology, so I can't find answer to this question: How/where should I define custom model logic in C++/Qt? Let say I have table Users ...Learn More
  10. yii two models in one

    I have two classes, A and B, each one mapping a table from my the database. A and B has a relation between a primary key column and another column in the second table. I want to insert/update both tables in one...Learn More
  11. How to create model quickly&elegantly with Linq To Sql in asp.net mvc?

    Ok straight to the issue. I can get object mapping to tables easily with Linq To Sql. For instance: class Product, class Order, class Order_Detail from Northwind. IMO, these 3 object have already met model's me...Learn More
  12. Create mongodb model in rails4

    I am a newer in rails development. When using mongoid in rails4, I don't know how to make the model I build mapped as a table in my local mongodb. Here is user.rb: class User include Mongoid::Document incl...Learn More