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  1. Single Page Apps with Vue.js and Flask: Deployment

    Single Page Apps with Vue.js and Flask: Deployment Deployment to a Virtual Private Server Welcome to the seventh and final installment to this multi-part tutorial series on full-stack web development using Vue....Learn More
  2. Deploying Laravel applications in AWS Lightsail with a NGINX instance

    Cloning your project According to the bitnami documentation the recommended directory for your Laravel project files is: /opt/bitnami/projects/[your-project-name] Changing the storage directory permission A...Learn More
  3. Docker: A Health-Check Story!

    Background We use Docker to create and manage software packages and it carries two concepts: images and containers. We define and build portable Docker images to be shipped as software solutions. Docker contai...Learn More
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  4. Pluggable Nginx configuration with S3 and Terraform

    The paradigm of Things as Code (infrastructure, configuration…) has revolutionised the way complex software systems are built and maintained. Being able to explicitly define the relationships between subsystems...Learn More
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  5. NGINX: Setup and Installation on Linux

    Finally you have come this far, you have learnt the very basics of computer networking, what the internet is, how it works, what a server and client is and lots more! If you haven’t read any part of the compute...Learn More
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  6. Let’s Build Microservices Part III

    The need for API Gateway We have three dockerized microservices and a consul server, all running on same machine. When we start them, the services register their IP and hosts to consul service registry. These ...Learn More
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  7. Dockerized Frontend Applications in Flipkart

    Let’s say you are working on the latest and greatest app of the year on a Mac, but your production servers run Linux. The app running on production servers may depend on the native libraries, which makes the ou...Learn More
  8. How to add on-screen logging to your Flask application and deploy it on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    How to add on-screen logging to your Flask application and deploy it on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Hint: don’t forget to configure the Nginx reverse proxy server At the end of 2019 Deeplearning.ai reported that on...Learn More
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  9. How to fix Django’s HTTPS redirects in nginx

    You deploy with nginx and Gunicorn and your site uses HTTPS. If Django occasionally returns HttpResponseRedirect or similar, you may find that the redirect sends you back to HTTP. Here’s how to fix it. In the ...Learn More
  10. Automate your Docker Container Deployment with Terraform [For Mac OS]

    First, we are going to Install Terraform and Docker on your local pc. Open your terminal and install HashiCorp on your MacBook. $ brew tap hashicorp/tap Then install Terraform using the below command. $ bre...Learn More
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  11. Automated provisioning and deployments with Ansible, Docker and Bitbucket pipelines.

    Project structure Creating the express app We will start by installing express, nodemon, and dotenv. yarn add express nodemon dotenv Add the following script into package.json "start": "nodemon src/" This...Learn More
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  12. Deploy flask app with Nginx using Gunicorn less than a minute

    Deploy flask app with Nginx using Gunicorn less than a minute Behrad Kazemi ·Nov 14, 2020 Many thanks to Rahul Nayak and Tasnuva Zaman for publishing an awesome article about deploying a flask app using Nginx ...Learn More