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  1. What are the pros and cons of Anchor Modeling?

    I am currently trying to create a database where a very large percentage of the data is temporal. After reading through many techniques for doing this (most involving 6nf normalization) I ran into Anchor Model...Learn More
  2. Matlab Question on Sparse Matrices

    I have a sparse matrix S. I perform the following operation D1 = diag(sum(S,2)), basically forming a diagonal matrix. Now I need to perform (D1)^(-0.5), but I get an error "Error using mpower, use full(x)^full(...Learn More
  3. MYSQL- Best design to store multiple emails/addresses for one user

    I checked this question here but unfortunately the link to the diagram in not working so I'm stuck. I am trying to have multiple emails for one user (work, business, personal, etc) and I'm not sure how to best...Learn More
  4. Adding a minimal key to a BCNF decomposition

    If I will add a minimal key to a given BCNF decomposition can it be no more a BCNF decomposition? Formally, say I have F (group of functional dependencies), schema R and it's BCNF decomposition {R1,R2,R3,R4} a...Learn More