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  1. Creating a class library project in my solution, dropped nunit, tests are not recognized

    I have a simple solution where I put in a c# class library project, and referenced nunit dll etc. I created a .cs file, added [testfixture] and a simple [test] If I go to Test -> Run -> Test in current context ...Learn More
  2. Attach to native code when debugging unit tests through ReSharper

    When using ReSharper to debug NUnit tests from within Visual Studio 2008, is it possible to have the ReSharper test runner attach to the native code debugger? By default it only attaches the Visual Studio mana...Learn More
  3. Is there a way to have a SetUpFixture that runs once per class instead of once per namespace?

    Scenario First of all, I'm new to testing - so please bear with me. Inside of my test project, there is a Controllers folder. The Controllers folder may contain a ControllerATest.cs, ControllerBTest.cs, and Con...Learn More
  4. WatiN - How to handle auto complete popup?

    We're having an intermittent problem that occurs when running certain integration tests on our continuious integration server.. For some reason, every now and then, we get an autocomplete popup that causes a t...Learn More
  5. NUnit- Object dispose

    I have a test application, that contains 29 Test's inside Single TestFixture.I have defined single TestFixtureSetUp and TestTearDown.Each test internally create many Objects which inturn contains many Thread. T...Learn More
  6. Jenkins - NUnit/MSTest Code Coverage Graph

    Is it possible to produce a graph of code coverage v time in Jenkins for NUnit/MSTest? I can produce a code coverage report with OpenCover and ReportGenerator. I would prefer to be able to visualise this with...Learn More
  7. How to File.Exists in Nunit Test

    I have a method which tests for the existence of a file prior to carrying out some manipulation of file content as follows: Private Sub AddHeaderToLogFile() ''#Only if file does not exist If Not File.Ex...Learn More
  8. Selenium grid runs out of free slots

    I have a large suite of SpecFlow tests executing against a selenium grid running locally. The grid has a single host configured for max 10 firefox instances. The tests are run from NUnit serially, so I would on...Learn More
  9. NullReferenceException thrown when testing custom AuthorizationAttribute

    I have taken a look at: How do I make a unit test to test a method that checks request headers? How to mock Controller.User using moq How do I unit test a controller method that has the [Authorize] attribute ...Learn More
  10. How do I create automated tests for an Oracle procedure?

    Background - I have a client that has an Oracle database with many procedures and functions that contain business logic. As a "good" developer, I like to have all my business logic have automated tests wrappe...Learn More
  11. How specify the folder for the test assembly?

    I have a project on ASP.NET MVC3. I have written unit tests using NUnit, but their work need a certain folder. I was told that the path to the folder for the test assembly must be specified in the web.config o...Learn More