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  1. Implementing oauth in SugarCRM using .NET

    I have a web application developed in .net framework. I am trying to implement Oauth in sugarCRM in order to integrate it with my applications. The Oauth mechanism given by sugarCRM is using PHP Click Her...Learn More
  2. Google Chrome "couldn't load oauth2/oauth2_inject.js"

    I heave just read about google's OAuth2. As a start I tried to download the examples presented here: https://github.com/borismus/oauth2-extensions/tree/master/samples but when trying to load them to the chrome...Learn More
  3. Using OAuth in Yahoo! API Requests (Python)

    I'm trying to integrate an application with a Yahoo! api that requires oauth authentication to access protected data. I'm using python-oauth2 and following along with the steps listed in Yahoo's Oauth Authoriz...Learn More
  4. Not able to use Magento REST APIs using OAuth

    I am using Magento version and trying to use Magento Rest APIs using OAuth Integration. I have installed OAuth and following is the snippet of code that i have put in root directory of magento and i am ...Learn More
  5. Python Library for Browser-Based Twitter Oauth

    I would love to find a Python library for Twitter that supports a browser-based application type, so the user can just hit "authorize" and have Twitter return them to the callback url, as opposed to copying and...Learn More
  6. Python-social-auth using Django server hostname and listening port as redirect_uri

    I'm using python-social-auth with Django to authenticate with Google using Oauth2 (google-oauth2). In my template I use something like: <a href="{% url "begin:social" "google-oauth2" %}">Login&...Learn More
  7. CreateUserAsync fails when registering external logins

    I am working on a single page application using the asp.net mvc 5 template and registering external logins (google in this instance) fails with a validation exception - "The UserId field is required." the code ...Learn More
  8. Setup Nodemailer 2020

    This tutorial shows how to setup nodemailer and send mails using node js. Prerequisites: Node js Basic knowledge of Google Console Step 1: Create a simple node or express server Step 2: Create Client ID in...Learn More
  9. python - Getting tweepy authentication from password and username

    I'm using tweepy's streaming service and want to be able to have multiple users (on different computers) access this. This rules out the use of a single set of oauth identifications. How can I get this authenti...Learn More
  10. Should a REST API contain an ADMIN section and use the same OAuth 2 authorization as the rest of the API?

    I'm planning a web app centered on a REST API and I would like this API to be the only way to access the app, be it from my own web-site or any other tool using the API via OAuth 2 authorization. Obviously, so...Learn More
  11. box.com oauth2 "requesting permissions" dialog appears on every authentication

    Our service, http://docmunch.com, is using box.com oauth to authenticate our users and authorize access to their box drives. However, the "requesting permissions" dialog shows up every time a user authenticate...Learn More
  12. Authentication with Azure Active Directory - how to accept user credentials programmatically

    Is there any way to login via web application or web api to Azure Active Directory (with AD credentials) using my own username and password page which is hosted outside of Azure? From my investigation it seems...Learn More