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  1. iPhone use of mutexes with asynchronous URL requests

    My iPhone client has a lot of involvement with asynchronous requests, a lot of the time consistently modifying static collections of dictionaries or arrays. As a result, it's common for me to see larger data st...Learn More
  2. Is this all for Garbage Collection in Objective-C?

    Hi I just picked up Obj-C and quite dislike its manual memory management. I decide to go with its Garbage Collection, by adding objc_startCollectorThread();//garbage collection in my Main() and change the gar...Learn More
  3. Reading byte stream returned from JavaEE server

    We have a JavaEE server and servlets providing data to mobile clients (first JavaME, now soon iPhone). The servlet writes out data using the following code: DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(out); do...Learn More
  4. objective-c: determining if a regex matches a string

    What's wrong with the following code? -(IBAction)numFieldDoneEditing{ NSPredicate * regexTest = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat: @"SELF MATCHES '^\\d*\\.\\d{2}$'"]; NSString *text = [[NSString ...Learn More
  5. What is the AppDelegate for and how do I know when to use it?

    I'm just beginning to work on iPhone apps. How do I know when I should be putting stuff in AppDelegate versus a custom class? Is there a rule or any type of analogy with another programming language like Pyth...Learn More
  6. How much does it cost to develop an iPhone application?

    How much can a developer charge for an iPhone app like Twitterrific? I want to know this because I need such an application with the same functionality for a new community website. I can do Ruby but have no ex...Learn More
  7. Cocoa or Objective-C?

    In regards to iPhone development, how do you now when your using a Cocoa vs pure Objective-C objects. For example, the following are Objective-C: NSTimer NSString int, float NSMutableArray But these are Co...Learn More
  8. Modifying NSDate to represent 1 month from today

    I'm adding repeating events to a Cocoa app I'm working on. I have repeat every day and week fine because I can define these mathematically (3600*24*7 = 1 week). I use the following code to modify the date: [NSD...Learn More
  9. Why does NSSet objectEnumerator increment the retain count?

    After getting the objectEnumerator in the following code, the set1 retain count goes to 3. I was surprised to see that because I didn't expect it to change. I searched the documentation and can't find where thi...Learn More
  10. Do OCUnit and OCMock work on the iPhone SDK?

    I simply could not make it work, and I am wondering if I am wasting my time, or if I am simply stupid! Sorry I don't have the exact error I have right now. But I just want to know if it work or not! ...Learn More
  11. Test Driven Design for iPhone Native apps

    I'm experimenting with the iPhone SDK and doing some TDD ala Dr. Nic's rbiPhoneTest project. I'm wondering how many, if any, have been successful using this or any other testing framework for iPhone/Cocoa? More...Learn More
  12. How do you display custom UIViews in InterfaceBuilder?

    I seem to enjoy designing new UIViews and UIControls that implement their own -drawRect: method. This work well for me, especially when composed using UIViews in Interface Builder. But composing them in Interf...Learn More