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  1. comparing itemgetter objects

    I noticed that operator.itemgetter objects don't define __eq__, and so their comparison defaults to checking identity (is). Is there any disadvantage to defining two itemgetter instances as equal whenever thei...Learn More
  2. Put spaces in between some of of the characters

    I want to put spaces only after and before of an mathematical operator: for example: 55/2*456-5+5 result: 55 / 2 * 456 - 5 + 5 ...Learn More
  3. Implementing operator<< for a derived class

    So I have a base class (Shape) and three derived classes, Circle, Rectangle and Square (Square is derived from Rectangle) I'm attempting to implement operator<< which just calls the correct display functi...Learn More
  4. How do boolean operators work in 'if' conditions?

    I am currently new to Python and am trying to run a few simple lines of code. I cannot understand how Python is evaluating this syntax after the if statement. Any explanations will be appreciated. number = int(...Learn More
  5. Explain working of this C program

    Please explain working in each case. Why both cases have same output? Case I: int main (void) { int i = 5; if(i == ++i) //plz explain here How values are checked printf("Equal"); ...Learn More
  6. meaning of '+='

    I'm confused with the syntax of C#: what is the use of "+="? ...Learn More
  7. Understanding this class in python. The operator % and formatting a float

    class FormatFloat(FormatFormatStr): def __init__(self, precision=4, scale=1.): FormatFormatStr.__init__(self, '%%1.%df'%precision) self.precision = precision self.scale = scale ...Learn More
  8. Meaning of () => Operator in C#, if it exists

    I read this interesting line here, in an answer by Jon Skeet. The interesting line is this, where he advocated using a delegate: Log.Info("I did something: {0}", () =&gt; action.GenerateDescription()); Que...Learn More
  9. If statement, compare one variable to multiple

    Example: int value = someValue; if (value == (valueOne OR valueTwo OR valueThree)){ //do code } I would like to avoid re-typing value like in my example below. if (value == valueOne || value == valueTwo || val...Learn More
  10. Can I define a "not" operator in Python?

    I am trying to interface a C++ library that implements logical operators &&, ||, ! (unary operator not) to operate on custom selection classes. I'm a bit stuck because I can't find an unary 'not' oper...Learn More
  11. Javascript operator !==

    What is the difference between the !== operator and the != operator. Does it behave similar to the === operator where it compares both value and the type? ...Learn More
  12. PHP Shorthand Addition Operator - Undefined Offset

    I'm using the PHP shorthand addition operator to tally the number of times a specific id occurs within a multidimensional array: $source['tally'] = array(); foreach ($items as $item) { $source['tally'][$it...Learn More