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  1. Useful Node Packages You Might Not Know About

    Useful Node Packages You Might Not Know About Introduction Some of you Node veterans have probably heard of a few of these packages before, but I'm hoping from this article you'll find some really useful ones t...Learn More
  2. NPM: Install Specific Version of a Package

    NPM: Install Specific Version of a Package NPM, or the Node Package Manager, is a powerful tool that allows you to easily manage dependencies, run scripts, and organize project metadata. It's main purpose, howe...Learn More
  3. Organizing Python classes in modules and/or packages

    I like the Java convention of having one public class per file, even if there are sometimes good reasons to put more than one public class into a single file. In my case I have alternative implementations of th...Learn More
  4. Using python graphviz ImportError: No module named _gv

    I'm trying to use graphviz with python and I get the error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/gv.py", line...Learn More
  5. Python 3: Good location(s) to install own and 3rd party packages?

    For Python 3.x: I'd like advice on best directory in which to locate modules that I want to use across multiple projects (and any related factors). I know about the import statement and PYTHONPATH, and variou...Learn More
  6. Make installation package of C# project

    I have done a software in C#. How can I make a Installation Package for the software? ...Learn More
  7. Telenor Flexi Plan Has Something Astounding For You, We Should Discover!

    Telenor is perhaps the most creative and client driven portable organizations in Pakistan. Indeed, even in the farthest corners of the country, you would discover Telenor signals permitting you to interface wit...Learn More
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  8. python - import subpackage from a package not working?

    I have the following files: pack/__init__.py pack/subpack/__init.__py pack/subpack/mod2.py And the following code fails on the last line: from pack import * #should import everything print subpack #NameEr...Learn More
  9. Execute a Groovy class in a package from the command line

    Is there a way to execute a Groovy class by specifying the package with dots, as with java? Example: File ./my/package/MyClass.groovy: package my.package class MyClass { static void main(String[] args) { ...Learn More
  10. Package Import woes in Python

    My structure is thus: companynamespace/ __init__.py projectpackage/ __init__.py somemodule.py companynamespace/__init__.py is empty projectpackage/__init__.py has this line: import companynamespace...Learn More
  11. The Ultimate Python Package to Pre-Process Data for Machine Learning

    Selected usage examples To see the full usage documentation, click here The examples below are shown using this car rental dataset that contains the following features: year: Year of the car when it was boug...Learn More
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  12. Python package with compiled code

    I'm looking into releasing a python package which includes an existing fortran or C program. The fortran/C program is compiled by running ./configure make The python code calls the resulting binary through sub...Learn More