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  1. How can I draw a single sprite at random positions 10 times?

    Im totally new at this and have a question. I worked with an exercise in school and at home but I can't figure out how to do it. The thing is I want to draw a single sprite at 10 random positions on the screen...Learn More
  2. python insert into list at constant x position

    I know by the title this may sound easy. It's not for this task. Imagine the following scenerio: you have a connection running, and a list called example. You get some data with a constant number x that will a...Learn More
  3. Counting the number of times a letter occurs at a certain position using python

    I'm a python beginner and I've come across this problem and I'm not sure how I'd go about tackling it. If I have the following sequence/strings: GATCCG GTACGC How to I count the frequency each letter occurs...Learn More
  4. sorting the stacking order according to the z position as3

    I'm attempting to set the stacking order (z index) of movieclips to be chosen according to the z position of each mc. I have hundreds of mcs each given a x y z position from external data that i am retrieving....Learn More
  5. Fieldnode Positioning (swift)

    Im implementing a SKfieldnode in my game but im not sure if my code is wrong or a bug in the sprite kit engine. when i use the code the game freezes and a bit later all the nodes that were in its radius disapp...Learn More
  6. Compare lists' position using a for loop

    If there are two lists: a = [1,2,3,4,5] b = [2,1,3,5,4] I want to use a for loop to compare them, I have to use for loop, so don't ask why, I was thinking: for q,w in zip(a,b): if a[q] == a[w]: pri...Learn More
  7. CSS horizontal menu items on right overlap when window resized

    I have searched but have been unable to find a solution to this. I have a CSS horizontal menu with the navigation menu aligned to the left and the toolbar items aligned to the right. It looks fine when the brow...Learn More
  8. How to put a widget into any column inside a grid?

    I'm writing by hand an application that use Gtk+. I'm using a GtkGrid to hold my GtkWidgets, but I can't put a GtkWidget into specific colum, as the second parameter of gtk_grid_attach() function says. E.g, the...Learn More
  9. How to generate random points outside a rectangle?

    Let's say my window's dimensions are 400 width by 600 height. It's relatively easy to generate a random point on a single side, let's say the top of it: random.randint(0, width) But what would be the smartest ...Learn More
  10. OpenCV Computing Camera Position && Rotation

    for a project I need to compute the real world position and orientation of a camera with respect to a known object. I have a set of photos, each displays a chessboard from different points of view. Using Calibr...Learn More
  11. div position absolute height not working

    I'm trying to create a layout with a header, a main content area and a footer. Both header and footer are fixed height but content area needs to fill the width and height (without scrollbars) the current code i...Learn More
  12. CSS: Absolute positioned image - but it's not on top

    I'm trying to position a ribbon image on one of my websites. Unfortunately I can't figure out why it doesn't work as I want it to. I used position: relative; and position: absolute; to do all the positioning st...Learn More