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  1. Math.Pow() vs Math.Exp() C# .Net

    Can anyone provide an explanation of the difference between using Math.Pow() and Math.Exp() in C# and .net ? Is Exp()just taking a number to the Power using itself as the Exponent? ...Learn More
  2. N=2^x, write true if true. Why is it wrong?

    please help me for my coding. I want to make a program like this. sorry bad english. Given input: N where N is an integer. return: True if N = 2^x, where x is an integer. I've tried to do this but it ...Learn More
  3. Calculate power with very big exponents in java

    I have a problem in calculating the power of very big exponent. That is: i enter my password :"abc" then calculate x=Hash(password). after that, i have to calculate Y = pow(g,x) in which, g is a random number. ...Learn More
  4. Exponentials in python x.**y vs math.pow(x, y)

    Which one is more efficient using math.pow or the ** operator? When should I use one over the other? So far I know that x**y can return an int or a float if you use a decimal the function pow will return a floa...Learn More