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  1. Styling PyQt6 Applications - Default and Custom QSS Stylesheets

    Introduction In this guide, we'll take a look at how to style a PyQt application. If you're unfamiliar with PyQt, read our Guide to Working with Python's PyQT Framework We'll start with PyQt's default themes ...Learn More
  2. Working with Python's PyQT Framework

    Introduction In this guide, we'll take a look at how to use Python's PyQT framework to develop a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a desktop application in Python. Popular Python alternatives for developing a ...Learn More
  3. Create PyQt menu from a list of strings

    I have a list of strings and want to create a menu entry for each of those strings. When the user clicks on one of the entries, always the same function shall be called with the string as an argument. After som...Learn More
  4. Using PyQT, how do you filter mousePressEvent for a QComboBox with custom list

    I've got a QComboBox with a custom list object. The custom list object has a custom mousePressEvent so that when the user click on one of the circles with a +/- (a twisty), the list is expanded/collapsed. ...Learn More
  5. Combining two QMainWindows

    Good day pythonistas and the rest of the coding crowd, I have two QMainWindows designed and coded separately. I need to: display first on a button-press close the first window construct and display the second ...Learn More
  6. PyQt clipboard doesn't copy to system clipboard

    The following snippet of code doesn't seem to affect the system clipboard at all: clipboard = QtGui.QApplication.clipboard() clipboard.setText(text) According to the Qt documentation, this is how you copy text...Learn More
  7. How to keep track of thread progress in Python without freezing the PyQt GUI?

    Questions: What is the best practice for keeping track of a tread's progress without locking the GUI ("Not Responding")? Generally, what are the best practices for threading as it applies to GUI development...Learn More
  8. PyQt: event is not triggered, what's wrong with my code?

    I'm a Python newbie and I'm trying to write a trivial app with an event handler that gets activated when an item in a custom QTreeWidget is clicked. For some reason it doesn't work. Since I'm only at the beginn...Learn More
  9. QFileDialog passing directory to python script

    Im writing a little python program that goes through an XML file and does some replacement of tags. It takes three arguments, a path from whcih it creates a directory tree, the XML file its reading and the xml ...Learn More
  10. oop instantiation pythonic practices

    I've got the code below, and I was planning on making several classes all within the same "import". I was hoping to instantiate each class and get a return value with the widgets I'm making. This isn't really ...Learn More
  11. How can I hide the console window in a PyQt app running on Windows?

    Surely this is possible? I have been hunting through PyQt tutorials and documentation but cannot find the answer to it. Probably I just need to phrase my search query differently. [Edit] Thanks PEZ for the an...Learn More
  12. Logging All Exceptions in a pyqt4 app

    What's the best way to log all of the exceptions in a pyqt4 application using the standard python logging api? I've tried wrapping exec_() in a try, except block, and logging the exceptions from that, but it o...Learn More