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  1. Find a file in a tree in python-3.4 on windows

    I want to search a file in a tree. I know the filename and the root of the tree, but I want to find the file path. I use python-3.4 on windows 7. I have: #I have a list with C header file name => my_head...Learn More
  2. Is it possible to asynchronously query SQL Server from Python (3.4)?

    Is it possible to perform asynchronous queries against Microsoft SQL Server from Python (3.4), i.e. in the context of an asyncio event loop? The following is a skeleton asyncio program, where the (async) SQL qu...Learn More
  3. How to divide a variable with two values and still return two values in Python?

    In this code, I'm trying to divide variable self.damage by 20: self.damage = map(lambda x: x/20, self.damage) ... ... print("\nPICKAPOO's DAMAGE RATING WAS DECREASED BY 20%") print("PICKAPOO's DAMAGE RATING IS ...Learn More
  4. Python3 - replace string require if statement?

    I just want to replace 'dog' with anything! Think I need an if statement but can't get one that makes sense: wordlist = ['cat','dog','rabbit','test',] letterlist = [] for aword in wordlist: aword.replace(...Learn More
  5. Saving a django project in OSX Mavericks

    I'm new to Django and have been trying to learn the framework using a course in plurlsight. The author creates a django project in this way. virtualenv -p /usr/local/bin/python3 demo Now if I try to create a p...Learn More
  6. Pandas - Plotting a stacked Bar Chart

    I am trying to create a stacked bar graph that replicates the picture, all my data is separate from that excel spreadsheet. I cant figure out how to make a dataframe for it like pictured, nor can I figure out ...Learn More
  7. Python Amateur - 'Greeting program' - 'Referenced before assignment error'

    Like I said in my previous question, I'm a python amateur. I've made a couple silly mistakes. I'm attempting to make a highly simple greeting program using Python 3.4 however I have encountered an error. The er...Learn More
  8. Install django1.7 with Python 3.4 using virtualenv

    I have hit a bit of a brick wall regarding the set up of django 1.7 using a virtualenv configured to Python 3.4. I have created a Python 3.4 virtualenv using: sudo virtualenv --no-site-packages -p /usr/bin/pyt...Learn More
  9. Can't read/open/ or do anything with a CSV file python 3.4 windows

    I am unable to open any CSV file produced by a program(I don't have full details of program), it comes out with file names like 266925.130314-88850999.word The file is a csv, it opens in excel 2013 and all edit...Learn More
  10. How could I use requests in asyncio?

    I want to do parallel http request tasks in asyncio, but I find that python-requests would block the event loop of asyncio. I've found aiohttp but it couldn't provide the service of http request using a http pr...Learn More
  11. Calling BCP from python throws timeout exception, then immediately completes

    I am running a python script that calls a subprocess. It times out, and then immediately I see the sub-process (in this case a BCP call) finish. Indeed, I can see it's complete in the database. Additionally,...Learn More
  12. Passing a list through a function python3.4 windows

    I am trying to pass a list through a function, but I only get results from first value in list, how do I get the rest? filetype = ('HDR','ILD','STL','TLR') f= open ("C:\Console2\word\\testfile.test",'rt') read...Learn More