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  1. A Beginner’s Guide on Sentiment Analysis with RNN

    Maximum review length and minimum review length. print('Maximum review length: {}'.format( len(max((X_train + X_test), key=len)))) Maximum review length: 2697 print('Minimum review length: {}'.format( len(...Learn More
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  2. Are all CNNs created equal?

    Motivation: erring is telling So you want to train a neural network to distinguish puppies from people. Maybe you’d like to train a system that opens the door when your little puppy arrives but keeps strangers...Learn More
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  3. Predict Tomorrow’s Bitcoin (BTC) Price with Recurrent Neural Networks

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were, somehow, able to predict tomorrow’s Bitcoin (BTC) price? As you all know, the cryptocurrency market has experienced tremendous volatility over the last year. The value of Bit...Learn More
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