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  1. Rendering mathematical notation in Python / OpenGL?

    How can I render mathematical notations / expressions in Python with OpenGL? I'm actually using pyglet however it uses OpenGL. Such things as this: I can't store static images as I am generating the expres...Learn More
  2. Infopath 2007 - Emailed forms not rendering correctly

    So I have a form that uses infopath services via sharepoint, and after multiple attempts at attempting to fix a rendering problem (tables appear WAY too wide to be readable), I think I have found the problem : ...Learn More
  3. Server-side rendering using blender and twisted (python)

    The project I am working on at the moment basically takes in an image and then renders a video using blender from the command line. At the moment I am using Twisted to deal with the requests but there is certai...Learn More
  4. In Rails, how do you render JSON using a view?

    Suppose you're in your users controller and you want to get a json response for a show request, it'd be nice if you could create a file in your views/users/ dir, named show.json and after your users#show action...Learn More
  5. Rendering of HTML headings and lists

    I have XHTML code that looks like this: <h2><ul> <li>thing one</li> <li>thing two</li> <li>thing three&lt...Learn More
  6. IE8 rendering of local-files is wrong

    It appears that IE8 is not rendering properly a local file: Consider this simple webpage: http://sayang.free.fr/ie8render.html (html code below) extracted from a w3c tutorial on opacity. Save it locally and dis...Learn More
  7. Qt / PyQt: Low level text rendering

    [Note: I prefer PyQt, but an answer for Qt is the same as far as I am concerned. I understand both languages.] Question: I would like to render a string, for example: 'Hello world!' (nothing fancy). I DO NOT ...Learn More
  8. Okami sumie style rendering algorithm

    Hey so I was wondering if anyone has any reading suggestions for papers/algorithms on how to render scenes in the style that was used for the video game Okami. I've done some searching on my own and have foun...Learn More
  9. Alpha channel being rendered black. How to make it transparent?

    I'm loading a png texture with 32bit and some transparent regions. I have setted this code in my initialization function: // OpenGL glEnable(GL_DEPTH_TEST); glShadeModel(GL_SMOOTH); glEnable( GL_ALPHA_TEST ); g...Learn More
  10. 2D openGL drawing lines that don't exactly fit pixel raster

    I'm drawing something similar to a LED VU meter in OpenGL. Result should be like on vertical bar of this: Unfortunately, my drawing space is restricted, and I have to fit exactly 18 bars on it. That yields a s...Learn More
  11. How can I quickly rotate the pixels that make up BitmapData without using BitmapData.draw()?

    I've been using BitmapData.copyPixels() to draw graphics onto a canvas (Bitmap). I need to rotate the resulting graphics without the use of draw() because it's vastly slower. How can I rotate the target graph...Learn More
  12. Why SSRS renders one cell as a div but other as a table in two different sections of the report?

    I have problem with reporting services rendering on the client which is performing very slow. I have checked that data retrieval is pretty fast but internet explorer is taking lot of time to render the report. ...Learn More