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  1. How to assign color to scatter point

    I'm trying to assign a color to points in a matplotlib scatter plot based on a value that is not related to the x or y value. Each point can be, for example, one of 3 values, so I want three different colors fo...Learn More
  2. Python: Reading CSV file and plotting a scatter

    I've written a script to compute large csv files in dimensions: 27000 rows x 22 column. How can I read in the CSV file in order to use it in matplotlib in a scattered plot like the one in this thread? axis ran...Learn More
  3. Set properties for specific patch in matplotlib.collections.PathCollection

    I would like to set individual properties (zorder and label for example) for a specific element of a matplotlib.collections.PathCollection. I couldn't find a way in the documentation. Here I jot down a user cas...Learn More