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  1. Using SCP to Copy and Securely Transfer Files and Folders

    Using SCP to Copy and Securely Transfer Files and Folders Introduction SCP stands for Secure Copy Protocol. It is a tool that can be used to transfer files from a local host to a remote host, from a remote host...Learn More
  2. Copying a Directory with SCP

    Copying a Directory with SCP The Unix command scp (which stands for "secure copy protocol") is a simple tool for uploading or downloading files (or directories) to/from a remote machine. The transfer is done on...Learn More
  3. passing the password as a parameter in a scp command

    how can i pass the password along with the scp command.when we use the scp protocol, it prompts us for the password.But i want to pass it as a parameter.Is that possible without using the key generation techniq...Learn More
  4. calling an interactive bash script over ssh

    I'm writing a "tool" - a couple of bash scripts - that automate the installation and configuration on each server in a cluster. The "tool" runs from a primary server. It tars and distributes it's self (via SC...Learn More
  5. scp from a first computer to second computer to send something to a third computer

    I have a bash script that I use on a supercomputer (CentOS). This computer is setup such that there is a single node that has internet access (call it "connectedNode")-- and through this node, all the other nod...Learn More
  6. How to copy a files from host to a created directory?

    I am trying to copy a files from host to created directory. Here is my script: use strict; use Getopt::Long; use Net::SCP::Expect; my $filename; GetOptions( "file=s" => \$filename ); my $src_path="/...Learn More
  7. How to scp first 100 folders (alphabetically)

    I'm trying to copy the first 100 directories from a remote server to my machine. The way I'm currently attempting to do this is: dir="/path/to/files/" server="user@server.com" scp -r $server:"$(ssh $server "ls...Learn More
  8. Is it possible to copy a portion of a file using SSH?

    I want to download a the end of a log file from my dev machine at home to my local machine, the last 1MB. Is this possible? ...Learn More
  9. Ant SCP task through SSH connection

    I want to be able to transfer my application to the development server but in order to access it I first have to ssh to an SSH gateway and then ssh into the internal network to the appropriate server. I can do ...Learn More
  10. Using scp to transfer a single file into a remote folder that doesn't exist

    I'm working on a python script that monitors a directory and uploads files that have been created or modified using scp. That's fine, except I want this to be done recursively, and I'm having a problem if a use...Learn More
  11. How can I use `scp` to deploy a website's `.htaccess` file?

    I am currently using the following command to upload my site content: scp -r web/* user@site.com:site.com/ This works great except that the .htaccess file is not sent. Presumably, this is because it's hidden. ...Learn More
  12. twisted conch filetransfer

    I am trying to implement a very simple file transfer client in python using twisted conch. The client should simply transfer a few files to a remote ssh/sftp server in a programatic way. The function is given u...Learn More