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  1. Graphs in Python: Breadth-First Search (BFS) Algorithm

    Introduction Graphs are one of the most useful data structures. They can be used to model practically everything - object relations and networks being the most common ones. An image can be represented as a grid...Learn More
  2. Graphs in Python: Depth-First Search (DFS) Algorithm

    Introduction Originating from mathematics, graphs are now widely used data structures in Computer Science. One of the first problems we encounter when constructing any algorithm regarding Graph processing or tr...Learn More
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  3. Dijkstra's Algorithm vs A* Algorithm

    Introduction Every single search algorithm consists of: The current state of the problem Possible actions that can be done in order to change that state The ability to recognize the final state - our goal Whe...Learn More
  4. Cross Validation and Grid Search for Model Selection in Python

    Cross Validation and Grid Search for Model Selection in Python Introduction A typical machine learning process involves training different models on the dataset and selecting the one with best performance. Howe...Learn More
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  5. Jump Search in Java

    Jump Search in Java Introduction Be it searching through a playlist for your favorite song or seeking through a catalog to pick the restaurant to have your next meal in, our lives are filled with searching for ...Learn More
  6. Stochastic Optimization: Random Search in Java

    Stochastic Optimization: Random Search in Java Introduction Stochastic Optimization refers to a category of optimization algorithms that generate and utilize random points of data to find an approximate solutio...Learn More
  7. Binary Search in JavaScript

    Binary Search in JavaScript Introduction Searching is one of the most commonly performed tasks in the domain of Computer Science. Many algorithms and data structures exist to make searching more efficient. In t...Learn More
  8. Linear Search in JavaScript

    Linear Search in JavaScript Introduction Searching, in the context of Computer Science, is the process of locating a particular element in the given list/array. If we pay close attention, we can find search alg...Learn More
  9. Jump Search in Python

    Jump Search in Python Introduction Finding the right data we need is an age-old problem before computers. As developers, we create many search algorithms to retrieve data efficiently. Search algorithms can be d...Learn More