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  1. Online Fraud: How you can protect your online store, and customers this holiday season (and beyond)

    The holiday season is usually a significant period for many business owners. This year in particular has seen outstanding growth in e-commerce. According to Sleeknote’s online shopping statistics, there are 2.0...Learn More
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  2. From ICO Review to Security Token Listing — Our Crypto-Journey

    We spend the last 1,5 years within the crypto world. Let’s have a look how this turned out and which Learnings we made by showing you 3 projects we have worked on — starting with Utility Tokens to our newest e...Learn More
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  3. Tokenization of Diamonds: The New Age Way to Trade in Diamonds?

    I would annex the planets if I could; I often think of that. ~Cecil Rhodes The person who said these words is also the one who was the founder of the world’s largest diamond mining company, De Beers. The comp...Learn More
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  4. How To Protect WordPress Sites From Phishing Using U2F?

    U2F is an authentication standard that lets users securely access their online accounts instantly with a security key and basically makes your site fully protected from phishing — no drivers or client software ...Learn More
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  5. Introducing 111PG — the sniping bot killer

    Sniping bots ruin AMM listings — but for 111 lucky projects, this will no longer be a concern. For months now, when a project adds liquidity to an AMM like Uniswap for its community to buy their token, the pro...Learn More
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