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  1. Difference between Syntax and Semantics

    Difference between Syntax and Semantics Here you will learn about difference between Syntax and Semantics with example. The both terms might seem the same things but they are not, they are just interrelated con...Learn More
  2. What is this C++ Syntax when declaring a class?

    I occasionally run into this type of syntax when looking through open source code and was wondering what it's for, or what it's even called for that matter. I have crawled the internet many a times before but s...Learn More
  3. What does the HTML acronym "span" stands for?

    I guess that <div> might actually stand for: "division" since it creates a division in the document by separating content before and after it. Am I right? But <span> is a little bit more obscure on...Learn More
  4. List as function input, weird syntax

    During learning Django framework basics I found the following piece of code. I know how does join() method work but frankly speaking I have no idea what's inside. output = ', '.join([p.question for p in latest_...Learn More
  5. Semantic HTML markup for complex tables

    Which HTML tags would you use to describe table like this: +--------+---------+---------+---------+ | TH1 | TH2 | TH3 | TH4 | +--------+--------+---------+---------+---------+ |...Learn More
  6. <cite> as part of semantic markup

    One of the sites I develop has lots of information linked between each other; we have companies, we have products for those companies. The company page links to the page listing the products for that company, ...Learn More
  7. Simultaneous assignment semantics in Python

    Consider the following Python 3 code: a = [-1,-1,-1] i = 0 And now consider the following two versions of a simultaneous assignment over both a and i: Assignment version 1: a[i],i = i,i+1 Assignment version 2...Learn More
  8. Git commit messages

    How can writing good commit messages make your work better? Photo by Yancy Min on Unsplash This is a simple guide to using better commit messages on Git so that your work and contributions can be better under...Learn More
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  9. Semantics of SUID (Set-User-ID)

    it seems that I have some trouble understanding the semantics of the SUID bit, perhaps someone can help me clarify the situation. My understanding of the semantic of the SUID bit are as follows: When I set the ...Learn More
  10. A language engine with no standard library

    Does anyone know of a language engine (compiler or interpreter, AST, syntax, and basic semantics) but with NO standard library (hopefully not even integers or arithmetic). Is there such a thing? I'd want to be ...Learn More
  11. Semantic search

    Semantic search Semantic search is search with meaning. This “meaning” can refer to various parts of the search process: understanding the query, instead of simply finding literal matches, or representing kn...Learn More
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  12. HTML table td meaning

    In HTML table, what does td stands for? I mean literally, what is it acronym for? Table division? Table data? ...Learn More