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  1. How to share txt/htm file from assets golder in android

    i am developing a program that shows some html gile placed in assets folder. also i put a button and i want when users touch it the showing html file share from bluetooth/attached email/... how can i share my f...Learn More
  2. Should the following FB:Share code with meta title and descrition work?

    <fb:share-button class="meta" type="box_count"> <meta name="title" content="A sample title"/> <meta name="description" content="A sample title"/> <li...Learn More
  3. wxpython and share variables between classes

    I have seen questions where you can share variables between classes -- which I can normally do fairly easily. However, I am trying to share a variables between a wx.Frame and a custom list control. Essentiall...Learn More
  4. How to register an ios app that reads in a file stream via share icon

    I've been trying to research this but cannot find anything about it perhaps because I am not using all the right terminology and/or keywords. I don't really know what this would be called in the iOS world, but...Learn More
  5. 2+ share on facebook button with differen titles

    i am looking for answer for 1 week. I want to create many "share on facebook" buttons on 1 page. But they must have different og:image, og:title etc. How can I do this? I found a way, but I don't like it, I...Learn More
  6. Android Intent Share using external image url

    First question i'm posting so be gentle I couldn't help noticing that all examples of sharing images with Intent use locally stored files. Whenever I try to use a external url, facebook, twitter etc. gives me...Learn More
  7. How to save and share canvas html5 image by saving as link?

    Possible Duplicate: Download canvas image on the fly I have a canvas of HTML5 which is fully working. Now, I want to create a sort game, where people can save their image and share it with others. This ...Learn More
  8. How to deploy Django on share host?

    I upload the project to a shared hosting account, and the .htaccess: AddHandler fastcgi-script .fcgi RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /yuanzhe/mysite/mysite/mysite2.fcgi/$...Learn More
  9. Implement Android Share

    I've seen plenty of example where people are sharing content from their application but I want to be able to share content with my application e.g. Users can press share via then Twitter. Does anybody know any ...Learn More
  10. How to send different files depending on what app we chose in the share menu?

    I have a problem. I need to create a service that send an mp3 file that synthetize voice from a string sended by an activity, or a mp4 file. I'm able to create the mp3 file and the mp4 file. I also know how to ...Learn More
  11. Windows 8 share target crashing with JQuery

    I'm developing an app that receive contente (URI) and I'm testing it with IE10 sharing. The problem is that my elements (span, divs or buttons) that have onclick event handler associated, closes the sharing pan...Learn More
  12. Where to set the "shared via" text for a Facebook App

    I have an iOS app that can create shares on Facebook. The sharing itself works fine but we don't see a text for the "shared via" line as you can see in the attached image. It just says "shared a link via .". I ...Learn More