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  1. The 5 Best Silicon Valley Startups of 2019

    **The 5 Best Silicon Valley Startups of 2019** Undoubtedly, Silicon Valley has always been top-notch in leading the cutting-edge tech startups with escalating growth rates. There’s no denying about Silicon Vall...Learn More
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  2. Getting your financial Rights?

    It may have occurred to you just how complex and vital ‘getting it right’ is when it comes to saving, investing, maximizing the value of your wealth and planning for a safe, comfortable retirement. If so, you’v...Learn More
  3. Neuromarketing: Should The Brain Be For Sale?

    Decoding the brain – a company’s dream or a customer’s nightmare. Human Brain In Glass Jar With Sale Label is a photograph by Ktsdesign/science Photo Library which was uploaded on September 21st, 2018. There’...Learn More
  4. Our Incubation Programme Goes Live!

    In July 2020, we launched a programme where we offered two idea-stage (or pre-seed stage) startups sprint scholarships, where we worked with these startups over a three-week period each to validate their ideas ...Learn More
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  5. How to take advantage of social networks to increase sales of your business?

    The Peruvian consumer has changed over the years. Now, new technologies have made it more watery, always looking to be informed before purchasing a new product and compare to the wide range of offers, especiall...Learn More
  6. So you’ve been at your startup for more than a year…

    Welcome back for some more equity and compensation fun! If you haven’t checked out the first part of this series of posts, that post covers the basics of incentive stock options. For the rest of this, we’ll spe...Learn More
  7. F is for funding.

    So this week we entered an agreement with a bus owner so we could pilot our system and develop a prototype. The plan is to lease the bus, and raise funds at the same time, because you know, we’re bootstrapping ...Learn More
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  8. The Future of Work: An Interview With Tim Salau

    Jason: Before we jump into your phone, I’d like to hear your story! You worked at Microsoft as an AI Product Manager; you worked at WeWork -you’re going to have to tell me what a Chief Evangelist is, by the way...Learn More
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  9. My IC Journey as a Strategic Partner

    What you can get out of this acceleration program I started my journey with Impact Collective (IC) by working together and supporting IC as a strategic partner. I have introduced expert judges and encouraged s...Learn More
  10. The Japanese giant SoftBank will invest in the Mexican platform Kavak

    The strong investments of the Japanese bank focused on technology center in Mexico. The rumor was confirmed: SoftBank will invest in the Kavak used car platform. About Softbank SoftBank is an empire of artifi...Learn More
  11. Down the Rabbit Hole: Secret Projects and Your Career

    Down the Rabbit Hole: Secret Projects and Your Career Designers dream of working on new products, but what are the risks to your career? Are they worth it? “You’re receiving two offers from Amazon, actually: ...Learn More
  12. So Life Happened!!

    So Work & Life Happened!! Well, I always priorities opportunities to learn more than the money it paid.I’m still young, there was avenue to learn a new skill and get paid less I would take than job where I’m r...Learn More
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