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  1. Same process, different state diagrams according to the pov

    I want to do a state diagram to represent a user logging in. As far as I understand things, it could be done from two points of view: Object: States User: Logged in, Not logged in (perhaps Initialized and De...Learn More
  2. Python object state tracking idiom

    I have an object that acts as an interface to a remote system, and I need to keep track of various states. Which is the better or more pythonic way of doing this? would one way be preferable if the list of st...Learn More
  3. Determining the current state of a URL from a list of states containing required and optional items in Python/Flask

    I'd like to specify a list of possible states a URL can be in by declaring required and optional query string parameters. Here's some pseudo code to maybe illustrate what I mean... sm.add('state1').args.require...Learn More
  4. Android Remove Fragment

    I have a quick question, if I remove fragment A from the container and add fragment B, is the state of fragment A lost? I have my app where the user takes a picture (fragment A), I was then hiding fragment A a...Learn More
  5. where does the business logic live when using a state pattern?

    IS it the wrapper object ? or the state object itself ? can I please see some examples ? ...Learn More