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  1. Why is unexpected keyword argument 'typ' error thrown?

    For typical integer values of p, d, q and a list of numbers, rollRate, the following code: fit = statsmodels.api.tsa.ARIMA(rollRate, (p,d,q)).fit() forecast = fit.predict(start=len(rollRate), ...Learn More
  2. How to create mosaic plot from Pandas dataframe with Statsmodels library?

    Using Python 3.4, Pandas 0.15 and Statsmodels 0.6.0, I try to create a mosaic plot from a dataframe as described in the Statsmodels documentation. However, I just don't understand how the input has to be format...Learn More
  3. Statsmodels - OLS Clustered Standard Errors (not accepting Series from DF?)

    I am running an analysis that could benefit from clustering by BEA regions. I have not used the clustered standard error option in Statsmodels before, so I am unclear of whether or not I am messing up the synt...Learn More
  4. statsmodels forecasting using ARMA model

    I want to forecast timeseries data. I read in previous posts that module statsmodels has the required tool for using ARMA method for forecasting which is exactly the one I have been looking for. In spite of tha...Learn More
  5. Python statsmodel.api logistic regression (Logit)

    So I'm trying to do a prediction using python's statsmodels.api to do logistic regression on a binary outcome. I'm using Logit as per the tutorials. When I try to do a prediction on a test dataset, the output i...Learn More
  6. numpy.linalg.linalg.LinAlgError: SVD did not converge

    Here are my numpy arrays: z [[ 3.90311860e-322 1.83939721e-001] [ 0.00000000e+000 1.83939721e-001] [ 0.00000000e+000 9.96473555e-001] [ 0.00000000e+000 1.83939721e-001] [ 0.00000000e+000 1.0...Learn More
  7. Python: Predict the y value using Statsmodels - Linear Regression

    I am using the statsmodels library of Python to predict the future balance using Linear Regression. The csv file is displayed below: Year | Balance 3 | 30 8 | 57 9 | 64 13 | 72 3 | 36 6 | 43 11 | 59 21 | 90 1 |...Learn More
  8. Plotting confidence and prediction intervals with repeated entries

    I have a correlation plot for two variables, the predictor variable (temperature) on the x-axis, and the response variable (density) on the y-axis. My best fit least squares regression line is a 2nd order polyn...Learn More
  9. python statsmodels.predict does not work

    x=range(100) y=sin(x) result=sm.OLS(x,y).fit() result.predict(x) Gives: ValueError: matrices are not aligned This is very simple code, not sure why it's not working? I searched lots of forums but could not fi...Learn More
  10. Error while installing SciPy.stats

    I'm trying to import scipy.stats on Python 3.5. windows 10. I am keep getting ImportError: cannot import name 'ellipkm1'. The Scipy is up to date. The full Error code- from scipy import stats Traceback (most ...Learn More
  11. Why does my Pandas join shift rows of the joined data?

    In Pandas, when I join, the joined data is misaligned with respect to the original DataFrame: import os import pandas as pd import statsmodels.formula.api as sm import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as pl...Learn More
  12. Transforming an index to date in PANDAS

    I have a simple PANDAS dataframe: V1 Index 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 5 9 6 10 I want to fit an ARMA model from statsmodels. When I try...Learn More