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  1. String vs StringBuilder vs StringBuffer in Java

    String vs StringBuilder vs StringBuffer in Java Introduction One of the most used classes in Java is the String class. It represents a string (array) of characters, and therefore contains textual data such as "...Learn More
  2. How to print characters as user inpt them in console and stop when user enters enter character java

    I am trying to write a method that prints out whatever character the user is entering character by character appended with the previous ones as he enters and throws an exception when he presses enter. I have wr...Learn More
  3. trim() method do not remove white spaces in front of the text?

    Please have a look at the below code while (reader.hasNext()) { JsonParser _parser = new JsonParser(); JsonElement jsonElement = _parser.parse(reader); JsonObject json...Learn More
  4. can someone explain this behavior of StringBuffer?

    public class StrBuffer { public static void main(String[] args) { StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(); //5 sb.append("hello"); //6 foo(sb); //7 System.out.println(sb); //8...Learn More
  5. print ArrayList that contains StringBuffer objects

    I have an ArrayList, that stores objects of StringBuffer class. Now I want to print that ArrayList. How could I do that. Iterator itr=al.iterator(); while(itr.hasNext()) { System.out.println(itr.next());...Learn More