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  1. String vs StringBuilder vs StringBuffer in Java

    String vs StringBuilder vs StringBuffer in Java Introduction One of the most used classes in Java is the String class. It represents a string (array) of characters, and therefore contains textual data such as "...Learn More
  2. Why is my file not being written to?

    I'm creating a "debug/log" textfile to try to see which "background threads" are running when the app I'm working on hangs. First, as they're activated, I'm storing them in a StringBuilder: public static String...Learn More
  3. java String and StringBuilder

    I am confuse about String and String Builder. Here is my simple code StringBuilder sb1 = new StringBuilder("123"); String s1 = "123"; sb1.append("abc"); s1.concat("abc"); System.out.println(sb1 + " " + s1); s...Learn More
  4. Remove last comma in StringBuilder SQL Query

    I am creating a SQL Update Query using String Builder and if there is a comma at the end I need to remove it. For example: Dim query As New StringBuilder query.AppendLine("Update Vendor") If Not String.IsNul...Learn More
  5. Mysterious Whitespace with Stringbuilder

    I'm writing a little calculator application and use a simple tokenizer to parse the user input into a list for subsequent processing. The method looks like this: public LinkedList<String> tokeniz...Learn More
  6. StringBuilder number of characters written per line

    Hello I've created some C# code that is writing to a .txt file using a StringBuilder object, everything seems OK, but the problem is that I need exactly 200 characters for each line. For example, when the prog...Learn More
  7. .net how to compare a stringbuilder to a string

    In vb.net (or C#) I can't figure out how to compare a stringbuilder to a string. I have searched quite a bit and can't find the answer. I had to write my own routine. Isn't there a better way? This doesn't w...Learn More
  8. Regarding Stringbuilder in c#

    is stringbuilder is same in android java and c# ?? im using stringbuilder in c#(REST Webservice).. how can i use with the same functionality in Java? or im using stringentity in java.wat is the equivalent in c#...Learn More
  9. StringBuilder - Reset or create a new

    I have a condition that a StringBuilder keeps storing lines matching a pattern from a large flat file (100's of MB). However after reaching a condition I write the content of the StringBuilder varialble to a te...Learn More
  10. XML Building in C# Windows or ASP Application

    I am passing lot of XML Parameters from my application to the SQL Server (both windows and ASP.Net application) Earlier i used to build XML using the based concatenation operator in string, similar to the one b...Learn More
  11. difference between string and string builder

    I am having doubt in whether to use string or string builder to append html elements like "div" and others in my page in mvc. Is there any other approach for this thing. Thanks. ...Learn More
  12. Android: Out of Memory error StringBuilder

    In my app, I fetching data from the server in the form of JSON. The data is around 1.5 MB. The app works but sometimes it crashes while fetching data from server giving OutOfMemoryError. This is my method: pr...Learn More