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  1. Swift - The powerful programming language that is also easy to learn.

    Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and beyond. Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and Swift includes modern featur...Learn More
  2. Swift: A New Programming Language Introduced by Apple For iOS and OS X Development

    Swift: A New Programming Language Introduced by Apple For iOS and OS X Development Swift is an object-oriented programming language for iOS and OS X development which is recently introduced by Apple at its WW...Learn More
  3. Feature Flags for iOS developers

    Implementation Feature flags can and should be built simply to begin with. You can extend these later with things like the previoulsy mentioned run-time customisation, but its not needed to get started. We’re...Learn More
  4. Swift version of componentsSeparatedByString

    I know its noob question, i really search around before ask. But there is not exact answer of what i want to know. How we split string into the array without using Objective C? For example: var str = "Today is...Learn More
  5. Introducing iOS 14 WidgetKit With SwiftUI

    Introducing iOS 14 WidgetKit With SwiftUI Let’s learn how to build some widgets for our home screen in a few minutes Photo by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash. WWDC 2020 gave us a lot of enhancements and updates, ...Learn More
  6. Implement Delegate with Closure in Swift?

    Suppose I'm using Swift and calling a method in the framework that is expecting a delegate. Is it possible to provide a closure and implement the delegate right there inline? I'm hoping to be able to use th...Learn More
  7. How can I make a UINavigationController's UINavigationBar invisible or at least change color

    I have a UINavigationController that is Linked to a ViewController that is set as RootController. I have enabled the UINavigationBar and put 3 UIViews each with a UIButton inside. Ideally I would like to make t...Learn More
  8. Returning a List of Integers in Swift

    I am an amateur Python programmer trying my hand at Apple's new Swift programming language. I recently decided to rewrite a Python script I have in Swift as a first step towards building this out into an iOS ap...Learn More
  9. Build An iOS app with MongoDB Stitch

    What is MongoDB? MongoDB is a document database that stores data in a ‘JSON-like’ format known as ‘BSON’ which basically stands for Binary JSON. How will we implement it on our app? We’ll use MongoDB Stitch ...Learn More
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  10. How do I add a custom contextual menu item to UITextView using Swift?

    I managed to subclass UITextView and disabled the "Define" contextual menu item. class TextViewer: UITextView { // Overide, disable the "Define" contextual menu item override func canPerformAction(action...Learn More
  11. How to Pass Closures Between Sibling Views (and UIViewRepresentables) in SwiftUI

    How to Pass Closures Between Sibling Views (and UIViewRepresentables) in SwiftUI Sharing state between components Photo by Jose Murillo on Unsplash. Let’s take the following scenario: You have a ParentView w...Learn More
  12. 4 Fun Reasons to Avoid Using “Primitive” Swift Types in Your Code

    1. Primitive types aren’t documenting your code When you see a function definition like this one, do you instantly know what both of the String will actually be? func getData(for identifier: String) -> String...Learn More
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