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  1. Why Trade.report saves money even without a country-specific tax report

    Ok, Trade.report costs 49 €. Wow, is that expensive! Is that really expensive? We don’t think so! And why? Provided that you have no other capital income from trading except eToro and there is a country-spec...Learn More
  2. So you’ve been at your startup for more than a year…

    Welcome back for some more equity and compensation fun! If you haven’t checked out the first part of this series of posts, that post covers the basics of incentive stock options. For the rest of this, we’ll spe...Learn More
  3. The “Golden State Killer” Economy — A Serial Killer Created an Industry

    I live at the intersection of true crime, storytelling, and entertainment. There are still moments when I look up and think, “am I really in the middle of all this insanity?” Of course, the answer is yes, and I...Learn More
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  4. 2020 Year in Crypto Tax Review

    2020 is coming to a close, and we wanted to reflect on the achievements and progress that we’ve made here at ZenLedger this year. We also want to thank our customers for providing us with feedback so we can co...Learn More
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  5. Church and State

    Church and State Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash It’s happy hour and the TV’s yakking about separating church and state. “It’s a con,” Eamon says. “They’re both screwing us.” “You think it’s that bad?”...Learn More
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  6. Ever Wonder Why Trump And Deutsche Bank Get Along So Swimmingly?

    Ever Wonder Why Trump And Deutsche Bank Get Along So Swimmingly? The German bank’s most recent economic policy proposal tells you all you need to know… Deutsche Bank is proposing that people who work from hom...Learn More
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  7. How to prepare for potential changes to UK Inheritance Tax

    Full PDF Download available here. How to prepare for changes for Inheritance Tax changes 2020 has been an expensive year for the UK government; seeing a debt so far of nearly £215bn which is expected to rise ...Learn More
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  8. Reminder: Get Your Refunds!

    by Jordan Carr It’s Here! Hit up refunds.stanford.edu ASAP if you’re like me and don’t want to let Stanford Wind Ensemble pry that $1.01 from your cold dead hands (among other groups that may not be doing a w...Learn More
  9. When Governments Can‘t Force Elites to Pay Taxes, They’re in Trouble

    Photo by Olga DeLawrence on Unsplash The big news today is that Donald Trump’s tax returns, which were obtained by The New York Times, show us something that is unsurprising but still revolting. We see in Tru...Learn More
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  10. Why does Amazon Pay Zero Taxes

    Yes, individuals can deduct a few expenses such as mortgage interest, medical and so forth. But usually this doesn’t exceed say 10 or 15% max. Where Corporations can deduct all of their expenses. In fact for in...Learn More
  11. Secretary Geithner’s budget speech, part 1

    There have been three important recent fiscal policy speeches: Washington relies too much on off-the-cuff comments and tweets to drive policy debates. Serious policy addresses like these three provide depth th...Learn More
  12. Forecasts of Love Foraging

    Forecasts of Love Foraging Anger, fear, shame, narcissism, selfhood and taxes I had one of those dreams Saturday night. I hesitate to call them prophetic because I feel angry that I might be shunned for it. I...Learn More