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  1. Difference between TCP and UDP

    **Difference between TCP and UDP** In this tutorial you will learn about difference between TCP and UDP. TCP TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. This is one of the main protocols of the Internet proto...Learn More
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  2. Cannot access Python server running as Windows service

    I have written a Python TCP/IP server for internal use, using win32serviceutil/py2exe to create a Windows service. I installed it on a computer running Windows XP Pro SP3. However, I can't connect to it when i...Learn More
  3. any python socket server framework?

    I'm looking for a python socket server framework - not to handle http, but to handle tcp sockets. I've done it myself, but adding all the features is tedious. This framework would handle thread pooling, socket...Learn More
  4. python send/receive hex data via TCP socket

    I have a ethenet access control device that is said to be able to communicate via TCP. How can i send a pachet by entering the HEX data, since this is what i have from their manual (a standard format for the c...Learn More
  5. How do RDBMS deal with stale connections?

    Consider setting up a connection to a RDBMS, then yanking the network plug. (You'll get the same effect if the connection goes through a NAT gateway, and the gateway decides to purge that connection.) At that...Learn More
  6. Windows 2008 concurrent TCPIP connections

    In Windows XP, Microsoft took the decision to limit the number of half open connections in later service packs. Patching tcpip.sys was rumoured to fix this. Does such a limit exist in Windows 2008, and if so, i...Learn More
  7. How are different TCP connections in HTTP requests identified?

    From what I understand, each HTTP request uses its own TCP connection (please correct me if i'm wrong). So, let's say that there are two current connections to the same server. For example, client side javasc...Learn More
  8. How to detect a remote side socket close?

    How do you detect if Socket#close() has been called on a socket on the remote side? ...Learn More
  9. Indy Write Buffering / Efficient TCP communication

    I know, I'm asking a lot of questions...but as a new delphi developer I keep falling over all these questions :) This one deals with TCP communication using indy 10. To make communication efficient, I code a cl...Learn More
  10. What is the best way to make TCP and UDP packet spoofing and injection?

    Hy folks, I'm kinda new to low level networking. I need to intercepts all TCP/UDP packets and potentially filter or substitute them with new ones. What would be the best way to intercept these packets and inj...Learn More
  11. TCP connection quality in .NET

    I have a mission-critical real-time data application that uses a TCP connection between the client and server. In some cases, the connection periodically dies (SocketException). No problem - just reconnect and ...Learn More
  12. Twisted ignoring data sent from MUD Clients?

    I have the following code (almost an exact copy of the Chat server example listed here: import twisted.scripts.twistd from twisted.protocols import basic from twisted.internet import protocol, reactor from twis...Learn More