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  1. End-to-End Testing in JavaScript with Cypress

    Introduction End-to-end test automation is an important part of the development lifecycle of any web based application. Choosing the right tool for you and for your application is arguably even more important. ...Learn More
  2. Guide to Unit Testing Spring Boot REST APIs

    Introduction Testing the system is an important phase in a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Testing promotes code reliability, robustness, and ensures high-quality software delivered to clients if implem...Learn More
  3. Using Mocks for Testing in JavaScript with Sinon.js

    Using Mocks for Testing in JavaScript with Sinon.js Introduction Test "mocks" are objects that replace real objects while simulating their functions. A mock also has expectations about how the functions being t...Learn More
  4. Spring Cloud: Contract

    Spring Cloud: Contract Overview In this article, we'll introduce you to Spring Cloud Contract, which is Spring's response to Consumer-Driven Contracts. Nowadays, applications are thoroughly tested - whether it ...Learn More
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  5. Using Spies for Testing in JavaScript with Sinon.js

    Using Spies for Testing in JavaScript with Sinon.js Introduction In software testing, a "spy" records how a function is used when it is tested. This includes how many times it was called, whether it was called ...Learn More
  6. Unit Testing in Java with JUnit 5

    Unit Testing in Java with JUnit 5 Introduction JUnit is a popular testing framework for Java. Simple use is very straightforward and JUnit 5 brought some differences and conveniences compared to JUnit 4. The te...Learn More
  7. Building Rails Engines/Ruby gems — The TDD Way

    Developing software with Ruby is fun because you can build something with less code. It is fun, until you encounter bugs or errors in your code. Adopting Test-Driven Development (TDD) can boost your team’s prod...Learn More
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  8. Setting up a large scale React application

    This post is based on the series of posts: Modernizing a jQuery frontend with React. If you want to get a better overview of the motivation for this post we recommend you first read our initial post. Nowadays,...Learn More
  9. The Front-End Testing of Data Visualizations

    I’m a big fan of test-driven development and believe that if your application doesn’t have any tests, errors are inevitable as the application evolves. The front-end world has an exciting amount of test framewo...Learn More
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  10. Coding Flatty or Fatty?

    Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash To learn to code you have to master three things: You need to know what it is possible to code You need to understand the process of coding. It is not like doodling but a...Learn More
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  11. TDD Excel File Download API with Flask

    Test-driven development (TDD) is a very useful development technique. However, some features are particularly difficult to test. One example is to download files. Recently, I have just “TDDed” a file download ...Learn More
  12. How to mock a function from module

    If you have something like: var myFunction = function(...){ ... }; var myFunction2 = function(...){ myFunction(); }; exports.myFunction = myFunction; exports.myFunction2 = myFunction2; Then you try testi...Learn More
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