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  1. replace urls

    I have a huge txt file and Editpad Pro list of urls with images on the root folder. http://www.othersite.com/image01.jpg http://www.mysite.com/image01.jpg http://www.mysite.com/category/image01.jpg How can I ...Learn More
  2. Python strategy for extracting text from malformed html pages

    I'm trying to extract text from arbitrary html pages. Some of the pages (which I have no control over) have malformed html or scripts which make this difficult. Also I'm on a shared hosting environment, so I ca...Learn More
  3. Writing text with carriage return to image in Python using PIL

    I have a python script that is writing text to images using the PIL. Everything this is working fine except for when I encounter strings with carriage returns in them. I need to preserve the carriage returns in...Learn More
  4. Change the focus from one Text widget to another

    I'm new to Python and I'm trying to create a simple GUI using Tkinter. So often in many user interfaces, hitting the tab button will change the focus from one Text widget to another. Whenever I'm in a Text wi...Learn More
  5. Multiple rows share a value in a column, how do I put all of these rows into one single row?

    I'm working with a text file that looks something like this: rs001 EEE /n rs008 EEE /n rs345 EEE /n rs542 CHG /n re432 CHG /n I want to be able to collapse all of the rows that share the same value in ...Learn More
  6. Outputting to a text file

    How to print the following code to a .txt file y = '10.1.1.' # /24 network, for x in range(255): x += 1 print y + str(x) # not happy that it's in string, but how to print it into a.txt There's copy pa...Learn More
  7. Is there a clean approach to justify text in Reporting Service?

    I'm creating a Report using SQL Reporting Services and I need to justify the text inside a textbox. By justify a mean aligning the text to both margin, left AND right. Just like justifying text in MS Word. I'v...Learn More
  8. Google Chrome Extension | Redtie | Fetches phone numbers from the website

    Redtie’s chrome extension allows you to pull phone numbers real fast from websites and then lets you send text messages to these numbers. It’s a simple and efficient marketing tool. Easy to install from the chr...Learn More
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  9. About "AUTOMATIC TEXT SUMMARIZER (lingustic based)"

    I am having "AUTOMATIC TEXT SUMMARIZER (linguistic approach)" as my final year project. I have collected enough research papers and gone through them. Still I am not very clear about the 'how-to-go-for-it' thin...Learn More
  10. LexNLP — Library For Automated Text Extraction & NER

    LexNLP — Library For Automated Text Extraction & NER Using LexPredict, upcoming advanced library for Named Entity Recognition (NER) to extract names, addresses, dates, etc. Introduction A few weeks ago, I ha...Learn More
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  11. Is there a way to convert number words to Integers?

    I need to convert one into 1, two into 2 and so on. Is there a way to do this with a library or a class or anything?...Learn More
  12. Is there a Python module for converting RTF to plain text?

    Ideally, I'd like a module or library that doesn't require superuser access to install; I have limited privileges in my working environment....Learn More