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  1. Keep .exe timestamp from changing

    Does anybody know of a way to prevent the timestamp of an executable from changing? I'm trying to generate a consistent hash code for the .exe but I think the timestamp may be preventing that from happening. Ea...Learn More
  2. Replace Timestamp with PHP variables in Flot Graph

    Hi I have a template which uses a flot graph, which uses timestamps to plot the data on the graph as displayed below. var d2 = [ [1364511661, 2],[1364630461, 20],[1364731261, 28],[1364824861, 37],[1364925661, ...Learn More
  3. R some time stamps changing to NA

    My Code is reading in a CSV file and converting the time stamp column to the R time format DF <- read.csv("DF.CSV",head=TRUE,sep=",") DF[51082,1] [1] 03/01/2012 19:29 DF[1,1] [1] 02/24/12 00:29 It re...Learn More
  4. Insert timestamp without prepared statement

    Is it possible to insert a record including timestamps into the database using usual statements? I don't want to use PreparedStatements. My current query: INSERT INTO CUSTOMER VALUES('some name',1965-10-31 01:0...Learn More
  5. rsync and backup and changing timezone

    I back up my pictures from my camera using rsync, using: rsync -vzrtl --progress --stats --timeout=0 host destination Now I was in a different timezone when I did my first backup then I moved to a different t...Learn More
  6. 'Timestamp' object has no attribute 'timestamp'

    I'm following a course where I have to convert a date to a unix timestamp. import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv('file.csv') print type(df.iloc[-1].name) class 'pandas.tslib.Timestamp' ts = df.iloc[-1].name.ti...Learn More
  7. Need help on unix time stamp

    Basically, am creating a mailer system to send a mail to my inactive members to do activities in their account if they have not logged in since 30 days. My previous login date stores in my database in unixtimes...Learn More
  8. python matplotlib set xticks with hour format

    In my bar chart, I need to set my xticks with an hour format like this: 6:00, 7:00, 8:00...... The data I used to make the chart comes from a MySQL database and I used TimeStamp in the database table. Right n...Learn More
  9. How do I use timesince

    I found this snippet: def timesince(dt, default="just now"): now = datetime.utcnow() diff = now - dt periods = ( (diff.days / 365, "year", "years"), (diff.days / ...Learn More
  10. Average of daily count of records per month in a Pandas DataFrame

    I have a pandas DataFrame with a TIMESTAMP column, which is of the datetime64 data type. Please keep in mind, initially this column is not set as the index; the index is just regular integers, and the first few...Learn More
  11. How to get time with respect to MySQL timestamp, in ActionScript 3?

    I want to show an ActionScript 3.0 Timer, with respect to a timestamp gotten from MySQL. So suppose MySQL (PHP) returns a string like $my_birthday="2013-05-22 12:30:45" I got it from ActionScript by a URLLoader...Learn More
  12. Python (if, elif, else) working with timestamp

    I am taking a beginning Python programming class and I am having trouble getting the code below to work correctly. The assignment asks: write a Python code that uses the “strftime()” function to get the today’...Learn More