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  1. Can we increase the height of Toast notification in WP7

    When we receive Toast Notification during the App in Background/ or not running, the Toast is displayed by Wp7 OS. Can this display of OS be modified, I mean is there any way we can increase its height or font...Learn More
  2. Why doesn't the 'toast' message work, in Android? Cannot fix bug, please help!

    Imagine I have the following code that runs as a background processor for an android application: public class Background extends Service { public void popup (String message, int duration) { To...Learn More
  3. Gridview OnItemClickListener Not Working But Why?

    I have a base adapter and gridview. I'm populating items with adapter gridview. When user touches any item, I want to show a toast. But it's never shown. @petey I update the code and i added AdapterB class for ...Learn More
  4. exception on making toast in android

    I am implementing a code in android that sends json data to server.I am referring to the tutorials of the following link :- sending json to server. Almost all the code works fine, i.e. i am getting response ...Learn More
  5. Android make Spanned containing link clickable in Toast

    Through a webservice I get an Error message containing a link (e.g. Click <a href='blablabla'>here</a> ). I use fromHtml to turn it into a spanned and then show it in a custom Toas...Learn More
  6. Android: displaying message and contacts on toast

    I need help on this. I want to make a toast where it shows "Your message "message" is sent to "contact" and I dunno how to do this, any help will do, heres my code. if (phoneNo.length()>0 &&...Learn More
  7. Unable to play custom audio wav file in windows phone 8.1 toast notification

    I am stuck with a toast notification issue in Windows phone 8.1. (Exact version: 8.10.14157.200). I have an application that sends toast notification to the phone. I want to play a custom sound with this toast...Learn More