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  1. Get data from Twitter using Tweepy and store in csv file

    I'm new to python/twitter/tweepy and I managed to pull data from Twitter but I now want to store it into a csv file My code is: #!/usr/bin/python import tweepy auth = tweepy.auth.OAuthHandler('XXXXXX', 'XXXXX...Learn More
  2. Tweepy - API.Search

    I want to be able to run a search for keywords (ContinuousDelivery in this example) and have it return the date created, text and screen name of tweets containing the keyword and store it into a CSV which will ...Learn More
  3. How to use tweepy STREAMING API with a proxy?

    I am aware there is a patch for using the REST API with a proxy and it works for me. But the Streaming API uses a HTTPConnection which cannot be emulated by urllib and urllib2 (as far as I know). Is there any f...Learn More
  4. python tweepy streaming command line result 401

    I wrote the following code in python command line. from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function from tweepy.streaming import StreamListener from tweepy import OAuthHandler from tweepy import Stream c...Learn More
  5. How to get tweet IDs (since_id, max_id) in tweepy (python)?

    I want to know a way of getting tweet IDs to keep a check on what tweets have been displayed in the timeline of user in the python app I am making using tweepy. There doesn't seem to be a way I get extract the...Learn More
  6. python - Getting tweepy authentication from password and username

    I'm using tweepy's streaming service and want to be able to have multiple users (on different computers) access this. This rules out the use of a single set of oauth identifications. How can I get this authenti...Learn More
  7. pip doesn't grab latest version of tweepy?

    Using 'pip install tweepy' I get version 1.7.1 of tweepy which is quite old and certainly doesn't support oauth. Has a new version of the package not been published? It's still under active development. Do I...Learn More
  8. Tweepy OAuth - HTTP Error 404: Not Found

    I'm using the Tweepy library to implement 'Signin with Twitter' on my website. As shown in the Tweepy examples, I'm doing: def get(self): callback_url = "" ...Learn More
  9. 'RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in cmp' when collecting tweets using Tweepy

    Im trying to collect a large number of tweets from the twitter api using tweepy. I have a text file containing around ten thousand tweet IDs. My program reads through the file, grabbing each tweet, as well as t...Learn More
  10. Twitter Streaming without Keyword

    I'm trying to stream Twitter using Tweepy and I was wondering if it is possible to stream without giving a keyword? Therefore I would be able to stream all tweets instead of only ones with a given keyword. The ...Learn More
  11. Twitter Streaming API with Python Tweepy

    I've been playing with the Twitter Streaming API using the Tweepy library. I started by following my own account and streaming my own tweets as I posted them, which worked fine. I then attempted to stream a fa...Learn More
  12. Tweepy Python Tuple Error no attribute encode

    I am using tweepy and python to gather tweets based on certain keywords and then writing those status updates (tweets) to a CSV file. I do not consider myself a programmer and I am really lost on this. Here is ...Learn More