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  1. Example: Adding Autocomplete to JTextField

    Autocomplete can be very useful in just about any application, but its not trivial to implement. So here is a quick example of how you might do it in Java's Swing framework with JTextField (it should also work...Learn More
    JavaSwingUIexample code
  2. How to Use Threads in Java Swing

    How to Use Threads in Java Swing Programming isn't easy, and adding a user interface around functionality can really make life difficult. Especially since not all UI frameworks are thread safe (including Swing)...Learn More
  3. 6 Ways to Perfect the UI of Your Mobile App

    **6 Ways to Perfect the UI of Your Mobile App** One of the biggest headaches mobile app programmers face is how to make their app stand out from the rest. It’s a valid concern since the average app will be comi...Learn More
  4. Difference between UX and UI

    **Difference between UX and UI** Here you will learn about UX vs UI i.e. difference between UX and UI. Today, we are going to shed some light on one of the hottest topics in IT world. There always exist a lot o...Learn More