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  1. Code from python 2.7 to 3.5 (unicode)

    I am really unfamiliar with python. I just have the code and wanted to upgrade the code to python 3.5. I changed it and now there is one problem. I had the following code: map(unicode.strip, set(list)) With Py...Learn More
  2. Python filename/path parsing wrong hebrew encoding (using optparse library)

    I have a problem with this snippet of code: import optparse parser = optparse.OptionParser(version=__version__, usage="%prog [options] file1 ... host[:dest]", description=main.__doc__) parser.add_option...Learn More
  3. Adding 2 ascii converted characters using nested loops in Python 3.2

    I'm trying to add together strings where each letter has been converted to ASCII and then added together accordingly. So for example, adding together the strings "goodbye" "hello" I'd like to convert each lette...Learn More
  4. Convert unicode to unicode escape syntax

    The unicode object u"ÿ" is given in Python. How can I convert it to the corresponding unicode escape syntax "\\u00FF"? Couldn't get unicode-escape to work here. Edit: In my case a string object is given with t...Learn More
  5. How does GB18030 differ from Unicode?

    How does the Chinese GB18030 code set differ from Unicode? What special techniques are required for handling GB18030? Are there any (open source) libraries for handling GB18030? ...Learn More
  6. Reading Japanese filenames in windows, using Python and glob not working

    I just setup PortablePython on my system, so I can run python scripts from PHP and I got some very basic code (Below) to list all the files in a directory, however it doesn't work with Japanese filenames. It wo...Learn More
  7. How can I compare a unicode type to a string in python?

    I am trying to use a list comprehension that compares string objects, but one of the strings is utf-8, the byproduct of json.loads. Scenario: us = u'MyString' # is the utf-8 string Part one of my question, is...Learn More
  8. what kind of encode declaration should I input in python

    I learned from the websitethat I should add the code declaration in python when i wan't to input friendly unicode characters: http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0263/, but I still feel confused about it. Assum...Learn More
  9. How to handle Unicode (non-ASCII) characters in Python?

    I'm programming in Python and I'm obtaining information from a web page through the urllib2 library. The problem is that that page can provide me with non-ASCII characters, like 'ñ', 'á', etc. In the very momen...Learn More
  10. Python - decode or regex?

    I have this dict being scraped from the web, but it comes with this unicode issue: {'track': [u'\u201cAnxiety\u201d', u'\u201cLockjaw\u201d [ft. Kodak Black]', u'\u201cMelanin Drop\u201d',...Learn More
  11. General Unicode/UTF-8 support for csv files in Python 2.6

    The csv module in Python doesn't work properly when there's UTF-8/Unicode involved. I have found, in the Python documentation and on other webpages, snippets that work for specific cases but you have to underst...Learn More
  12. Chinese Unicode issue?

    From this website http://engine.data.cnzz.com/main.php?s=engine&uv=&st=2014-03-01&et=2014-03-31 <tr class="list03" onclick="showMen1(9);" style="cursor:pointer;"> <td id="e_9" c...Learn More