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  1. VS2012 code coverage only analyzes the test dll

    I'm trying to get code coverage working in VS2012 premium, and I'm having some trouble. I have a C# solution with a few different projects, but most notably a Kernel.dll to be tested and a Kernel.Tests.dll that...Learn More
  2. Visual Studio 2012 partial publish

    when i publish my ASP.NET (webforms) website with Visual Studio 2012 always all files are uploaded. Even Images? Is there a way to only publish changed files? ...Learn More
  3. How to install PIL for python in Visual Studio (2012)

    I want to import some immages to python application in my Visual Studio, but PIL must be installed first and I dont see any install software for PIL for Visual Studio. Can somebody help me? Thanks...Learn More
  4. Porting A .net Class Library To Windows Store Apps Class Library

    I have a class library that targets .net 4 and is used across different platforms via Mono. I now want to port it to be used by Windows 8. I know the name keeps changing but this is currently called a "Class Li...Learn More
  5. Why is Entity Framework 4 generating extra columns when using Code First in VS 2012?

    I just installed VS 2012 Premium and I've been following along with the PluralSight ASP.Net MVC 4 Tutorial. I'm on chapter 4 and the project creates a database automatically using EF 4 Code First. The strange t...Learn More
  6. Managed Extensions for C++ in Visual Studio 2012

    Is anyone aware if /clr:oldsyntax (Managed Extensions for C++) will be removed from Visual Studio 2012? The messages have been warning it will be removed since 2008 and I'm concerned the time may be close to u...Learn More
  7. Compile error in F# nested for loop with verbose syntax

    I'm new to F#, but when I use verbose syntax to put a for loop in another one, it will not compile: #light "off" let Multiple9x9 () = for i in 1 .. 9 do printf "\n"; for j in 1 .. 9 do let k =...Learn More
  8. Visual Studio 2012 Boost.Python Integration

    I am writing some Python scripts that gathers data from an application written i C++ to plot and visualize the data. The C++ application projects are bundled in a relatively large Visual Studio 2012 solution fi...Learn More
  9. The project 'MyProject.csproj' could not be opened. The project output type is not supported

    I'm trying to open a project in Blend for VS 2012 in win7. The only thing changed between then(when it worked) and now(when it doesn't) was an update for visual studio. Any ideas on how to remedy this? ...Learn More
  10. boost 1.53 python fatal error LNK1104 boost_python-vc110-mt-gd-1_53.lib

    I'm trying (for a few days now) to build a DLL generated from C++ code with boost/python to be used by python. I am a Student from Germany and had mostly to do with Java until now (I wrote some basic OpenGL and...Learn More
  11. Can I distribute applications written using Windows 8 Developer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Express

    I've downloaded the Windows 8 Developer Preview and have been working on some simple Metro UI application. Can I post the source code to Github? Is it legal to publicly distribute application written using...Learn More
  12. Unable to install Windows Web Services API for Remote Debugging with VS2012

    I'm trying to remote debug using visual studio 2012 and windows server 2008 not R2. I recieve the following error when setting up the remote debugger. Has anyone else been able to install 2012 remote debugg...Learn More