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  1. how to know visitors is actually looking at the webpage and for how long?

    when the visitor goes to a webpage, how do we know the visitor is actually showing the page on top (instead of going to another tab or app already). also how do we know how long the user has read the page or h...Learn More
  2. Rest Web Service with App Engine and Webapp

    I want to build a REST web service on app engine. Currently i have this: from google.appengine.ext import webapp from google.appengine.ext.webapp import util class UsersHandler(webapp.RequestHandler): def g...Learn More
  3. design for handling exceptions - google app engine

    I'm developing a project on google app engine (webapp framework). I need you people to assess how I handle exceptions. There are 4 types of exceptions I am handling: Programming exceptions Bad user input Inc...Learn More
  4. when i follow the standard practices of web programming, is my app automatically RESTful?

    when i use GET to retrieve and show information only, and Create, Update, Delete using POST, will my web app be automatically RESTful? ...Learn More
  5. Preventing multiple daily votes in a contest

    Voting contests seem to gain a lot of attention from people who want to game a system for fun. I know I spend a good amount of time fooling around with their forms and URLs, deleting cookies and writing the occ...Learn More
  6. Advice on which language/Framework to choose for web application?

    I am a c++ developer trying to create a web application using a language or framework that meets the following criteria: Very fast development time Text searching and other text manipulation Easy to configure...Learn More
  7. Giving users a "reputation system" - Should I...?

    I'm thinking of adding a reputation system to my Django web application; the site is already being used so I'm trying to be careful about my choices. Reputation is generated in all actions that contribute to t...Learn More
  8. Convert CVS/SVN to a Programming Snippets Site

    I use cvs to maintain all my python snippets, notes, c, c++ code. As the hosting provider provides a public web- server also, I was thinking that I should convert the cvs automatically to a programming snippets...Learn More
  9. ASP.NET: Managing Users and Roles (CMS, Portal, etc?)

    I am not sure how to phrase a good question, so I will just say what I am after! I have to retool a web application for our vendors and part of that requires restricting content on a vendor by vendor basis. L...Learn More
  10. How to bring in a web app

    I run a game and the running is done by hand, I have a few scripts that help me but essentially it's me doing the work. I am at the moment working on web app that will allow the users to input directly some of ...Learn More
  11. Source code management strategies - branching, tagging, forking, etc. - for web apps

    This posting here (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/156044/how-do-you-manage-database-revisions-on-a-medium-sized-project-with-branches) got me wondering how best to work on a web project using branching and ...Learn More
  12. Why doesn't my Django site return a 404 when checked with this URL parser?

    Here's a simple python function that checks if a given url is valid: from httplib import HTTP from urlparse import urlparse def checkURL(url): p = urlparse(url) h = HTTP(p[1]) h.putrequest('HEAD', ...Learn More