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  1. How to change webcam format in JavaCV?

    I finally got JavaCV working with my webcam but I can't find a way to change the output format of the image grabbed. I have a HP HD (720p) fixed webcam in my HP notebook. The only resolution I get is 640x480. I...Learn More
  2. Zbarcam-Raspberry Pi

    I am trying to get my webcam (connected to a Pi) to read qr codes. I was using zbar-tools for this but am currently getting the following error: ERROR: zbar processor in zbar_processor_init(): system error : sp...Learn More
  3. How to allow the access automatically to the webcam

    I am trying to develop a web page that access to my webcam using the following JS code: (function( $ ){ $.fn.html5_qrcode = function(qrcodeSuccess, qrcodeError, videoError) { 'use strict'; var height = this.h...Learn More
  4. Python/OpenCV capture image from webcam not working

    My original python script was created to work on images already saved. I am now wanting it to capture the image and crop it. I have a working webcam section and a working crop section but I am not able to combi...Learn More
  5. DirectShow, capture Still Image

    i'm not experienced in Windows programming, i try to capture a Still Image from a WebCam using DirectShow. I wrote a small application based on CommandCam.cpp, which can be found here: http://batchloaf.wordpre...Learn More
  6. OpenCV (via python) on Linux: Set frame width/height?

    I'm using openCV via python on linux (ubuntu 12.04), and I have a logitech c920 from which I'd like to grab images. Cheese is able to grab frames up to really high resolutions, but whenever I try to use openCV,...Learn More
  7. TCP Client Disconnects

    Im a newbie to TCPClient, Im trying to make a webcam app that sends small images ~4kb each to another IP which will run an identical program. So its going to send and receive at the same time. Problem I have is...Learn More