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  1. Improve a simple custom URL field with WTForms (Python/Flask)

    The WTForms documentation on custom widgets is very sparse and gives no hints at how I can achieve what I want. I tried to play with the examples, but that didn't work... Other questions on stackoverflow don't ...Learn More
  2. Tkinter widget unable to be removed (created by a for loop)

    I have created a variety of Tkinter widgets with for loops. All of them remove fine, except for the "lock_btn" widget. When I press that button the lock button stays on the page (although the rest of the code i...Learn More
  3. Python TicTacToe GUI Game Crash when Tie

    I am trying to build a simple Tic Tac Toe game using python, almost there now except that the game crash whenever it is a tie So when it is tie, the last empty square clicked won't change color like others did,...Learn More
  4. How to share share widgets pointers with another widgets

    I have a kind of video player application written in QT, the idea is that I can click in an video frame and the app will get the coords and color information from this exact pixels, so far so good the applicati...Learn More
  5. wxPython align widgets and fitting

    Actually I have two questions: How to prevent self.Fit() from re sizing the widgets? Here is the window without .Fit(), I'm quite happy with the width of my TextCtrl, but I want the height of the window to ad...Learn More
  6. Creating an animated clock

    I want to create a clock widget like the example. But I don't if i would start with java or if this would be possible with an xml? I am just looking for a good place to start. Is there maybe some couple of func...Learn More
  7. Django: Require Checkbox to be ticked to Submit Form

    I'm creating a form in Django (using ModelForm). There are many checkboxes, and I want to make it so that one of these must be selected in order to submit the form. I don't mean any one checkbox, but one speci...Learn More
  8. Trigerring pending intent Android

    I created a widget with a button and a pending intent for it to open an activity when the button is pressed. I need to know if there is some way that I can automatically trigger my pending intent after a certai...Learn More
  9. matplotlib widget for Qt 4, Python 3

    I'm writing a GUI application in Python 3 using PyQt4 and matplotlib. User would have to select certain field names, then programm would read corresponding values from the database, process them and draw a plot...Learn More
  10. AsynTask with RemoteViews in StackView Widget

    I've tried to search for information about StackView Widget and i've found a lot , but nobody used to get data from url . So the problem is , while i'm processing url , my RemoteViews are null , so they don't s...Learn More
  11. A wxPython timeline widget

    I am looking for a certain wxPython widget to use in my program. I hope that something like this exists and that you might know where to find. I will try to describe the functionality I'm looking for: Imagine ...Learn More
  12. How do I link python tkinter widgets created in a for loop?

    I want to create Button and Entry(state=disabled) widgets with a for loop. The number of widgets to be created will be a runtime argument. What I want is that every time I click the button, the corresponding e...Learn More