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  1. Jquery and Wikipedia API user agent problem

    i'm trying to use the wikipedia api, but i read that is necessary to send a non generic user-agent... i'm using jquery with ajax call...but i dont know what to do to make it working.... thanks ...Learn More
  2. Wikipedia search results different for api (opensearch) vs normal web interface?

    For the text query "major+histocompatibility+complex+class+II+antigens" I get different results using the web and api interfaces. Is there a way to get the same results as the web interface using the api? Qu...Learn More
  3. Wikipedia philosophy game diagram in python and R

    So I am relatively new to python, and in order to learn, I have started writing a program that goes online to wikipedia, finds the first link in the overview section of a random article, follows that link and ...Learn More
  4. Ignore Wikipedia Redirects with mwlib

    I'm using mwlib in Python to iterate over a Wikipedia dump. I want to ignore redirects and just look at page contents with the actual full title. I've already run mw-buildcdb, and I'm loading that: wiki_env = w...Learn More
  5. Get all Wikipedia meanings of a word in any language

    I would like to get a list of all the Wikipedia meanings of a word. For example, for the word 'bar', the disambiguations are listed at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar_(disambiguation): Bar (establishment) De...Learn More
  6. get first paragraph from wikipedia article

    I'm using following code to get the first paragraph from a Wikipedia article. Here is the result of my code. I need only this paragraph. Is it possible? Or is there any better alternative? '''Papori''' ({{l...Learn More
  7. Why do I get strange results when I get the Wikipedia API via PHP?

    I'm using PHP to access the Wikipedia API. This is the URL I'm getting: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=query&prop=revisions|links&titles=google&rvprop=ids|timestamp|user|comment|content&a...Learn More
  8. Wikipedia’s Random Articles — DiCaprio to Calypso

    What I find most fascinating with browsing Wiki, is how quickly I look at one article but swiftly find myself reading about something completely unrelated — or is it? Wikipedia is fantastic, a collection of in...Learn More
  9. Content of infobox of Wikipedia

    I need to get the content of an infobox of any movie. I know the name of the movie. One way is to get the complete content of a Wikipedia page and then parse it until I find {{Infobox and then get the content o...Learn More
  10. What Wikipedia saw during election week in the U.S., and what we’re doing next

    Election Day in the United States was a critical moment for the country, with impacts that will extend well beyond one election cycle. For many Americans, it was an anxiety-inducing event. While voters waited —...Learn More
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  11. Implementing a history feature à la Wikipedia

    I am writing a Web application that has a user interface for editing documents. What is the best way to implement a history feature like Wikipedia's where edits to a document can be viewed? ...Learn More
  12. Extracting brackets with regex from a string in python

    How I can extract {{template|{{template2}}|other params}} from this string if we just know "template": {{template0}} {{template|{{template2}}|other params}} {{template3}} ...Learn More