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  1. connect to ad-hoc wireless network using c#

    How can I connect to ad-hoc wireless network using c# I tried using wlanApi class but failed to get it correct profile xaml ? ...Learn More
  2. 10 Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 2021 | Price & Features

    Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone Wireless Chargers are not the most efficient tool to charge one’s devices. They have drawbacks like energy loss and overheating of phone batteries. Also, for anyone who does n...Learn More
  3. Is it possible to check who is connected to your wireless network?

    So after hours of research i have found nothing about this question. Is it possible to see who is connected to my wireless network using C#? Example: I have 2 Laptops - Laptop A and Laptop B. A is on runnin...Learn More
  4. How to send single channel scan request to libnl, and receive single channel scan completion response for corresponding channel

    I am sending single SSID and frequency to libnl for scanning, but i got multiple scan result along with my requested SSID and frequency,But i need single scan result (only for requested SSID), how to achieve th...Learn More
  5. Will two devices connected to the same wifi, talk via the access point for communicating with each other?

    If two devices A and B are connected to same wifi via access point C, and if A pings B, will those packets be directly picked up by B or will they be captured by C and then retransmitted such that B can capture...Learn More
  6. Access point initial scan

    Is there a way to trigger a scan on an AP before it is initialized? I tried to call a scan in /net/wireless/cfg.c start_ap() function, but the system hangs. What could be a better option for this? I use linux ...Learn More
  7. Towards 6G: How could the future wireless networks look like?

    Nowadays, wireless networks are mainly configured in a centralised manner, where the whole traffic is managed from a central point. In fact, a central unit collects and processes all the information, in order t...Learn More
  8. The Best Wifi Router Price Specification and Review — GoodsPoints

    We’ve been experimenting with several Wifi routers for several days. After testing more than 10 routers over 150 hours, we’ve determined that the best router for wirelessly connecting your laptops, Desktop, and...Learn More
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  9. The Charging Conundrum — Ushering in a Wireless future

    With Samsung joining the list of OEMs who have stopped providing charging brick in the box, it is now clear that the future of charging is wireless or is it? Apple. The very name of the company divides people...Learn More
  10. Office Leather Desk Pad Protector QI Wireless Charger Stationery Desk Mat Fast Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone/Samsung

    Product Highlights Double-sided use: advanced pu leather material makes this desk mat durable. you can use comfortable black or other color sides you like. soft surface of desk mat will make you enjoy writing,...Learn More
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  11. The best TWS true wireless earphones from 50–100 dollar

    Tranya T3 review: big earpieces, incredible sound 50 dollar The Tranya T3 has the most detailed sound for a true wireless earphone under $100 The bad news first: the Tranya T3 may not have the best fit for y...Learn More
  12. Framework to enable Android and PC data transfer over Wifi, Bluetooth, or USB?

    I am writing a Windows application that controls an Android mobile wirelessly, such as sending sms, making calls, viewing files, retrieving sensor data, etc. I am simply using IP socket via WiFi, but client has...Learn More