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  1. WSO2 ESB digest value

    I receive a request with a password that I have to check. This password is a field in the body section. I have to check it against and digested password (such us MD5, but some other algorithms are welcome). Is...Learn More
  2. Can not using attribute to correlate message using wso2 bpel

    I use Wso2 BPS to write an asynchronous workflow. To correlate the request and the callback I use an element in the request and an attribute in the callback. The definitions of the correlator is: For the requ...Learn More
  3. WSO2 Data DelegatingResultSet.isClosed in Procedure SQL Server

    i have a problem with wso2 data version 2.6.3 to execute procedure in sql server: My Config: <data name="TestDS"> <config id="ds_test"> <prope...Learn More
  4. wso2 mediator dynamic url

    I have some problems in the next situation: I have wso2esb and a there is proxy-service in the esb. I call this proxy with parameters with parameter, e.g. http://host:9643/service/myproxy?domain=first. After t...Learn More
  5. How do I configure WSO2 identity with LDAP?

    How do I configure WSO2 identity with LDAP? I changed my user-mgt.xml to: <UserManager> <Realm> <Configuration> <AdminRole>adm...Learn More
  6. How to rename the existing namespace with new namespace in wso2esb

    I am using wso2esb-4.8.1, I wish to change my request and response before sending to endpoint and client so my request is <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"&...Learn More
  7. esb solution, servicemix or wso2?

    We are trying to decide which ESB choose between ServiceMix or WSO2? We are looking an esb to: Support different protocols (REST, SOAP, JMS, HTTPS,..) Generate statistics or some console to see "what's happe...Learn More
  8. WSO2 ESB 4.0.3 Proxy Service issue : The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found

    Hello I tried to create a proxy "myfirst_proxy" that points to the following endpoint : test_myapp this Endpoint is pointing to http://server1/myapp/service/test.php?wsdl ( I tested the url and it returned succ...Learn More
  9. Autodeploy API error in WSO2 ESB

    I'm trying to deploy an API in WSO2 ESB automatically. I put .xml file with de API and its resources definition in {ESB_HOME}/repository/deployment/server/synapse-configs/default/api/ and the API Factory from E...Learn More
  10. turning wso2 into a pep with identity server acting as the pdp

    I am trying to use wso2 ESB server as a PEP, I already have wso2 identity server acting as the PDP and an application hosted on wso2 Application server. I have uploaded policies into identity server and I was ...Learn More